November 29, 2010

Happy Holidays 11-27-2010

Happy Holidays!!! I'm so excited for this Christmas season! This will give us another chance and opportunity to teach and testify of our Savoir in the most beautiful way, by using the miracle of his birth.

This week has been a little slow with all the students gone for thanksgiving but we have managed to keep ourselves busy and get in a few lessons with our investigators before they all left. We have had to drop a few of our investigators because they have not been willing to keep there commitments but I was happy to plant a seed into there life about what God's plan of happiness is for them. I hope that they will see and feel the difference and the impact of having that spirit there when we taught, and I hope that they will want to learn more. I love all my investigators so much and it is hard to drop them because you know how much it will change there life but it is there decision to act. We can do everything else but we cannot make them act. I hope they see and feel the difference enough to so something about it.

Well in the absence of all the students here at UF and the empty homes that we have knocked, we decided to take and run with it. We have left it everywhere on campus. We have plastered it on there cork boards and tables and walkways. (All legal) Then we went to all the apartment complexes and left them on doors. We made sure that when people did come home it would be promoted everywhere they looked so that there curiosity might be peeked to go look it up. We have also gotten everyone in the branch to start on there profiles and share it will all there friends. We handed out cards so students could pass them along as well, Plus with us talking to people about it, it’s going to be fantastic! This semester is coming to a close in a week and a half and wont start back up for almost a month, so this is the big stretch to use all the resources we can to get it out there. The media is not promoting it in Gainesville so we are all they got. We have faith that it will stick. We haven't seen it yet but seeds are planted and we are patiently and actively waiting for the harvest.

This has been a wonderful experience to be here on campus in Gainesville and I hope I have done everything the Lord would have me do. I hope I get to stay one more transfer, but I know God is in control so I have faith and trust in him that his call will always be right where he needs me to be.

With lots of love,
Your sister missionary

P.S. I have been asked to sing for our mission wide christmas devotional on the 17th. Not only am I nervous but I dont have any songs. I can sing whatever song I want, It just can't have romantice lyrics to it. Let me know what you think I should sing and then if you can, send me the music or let me know where I can find it on line so I can print it off. I would like the song to be fun. I dont want to put people to sleep.



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