November 20, 2010

All I can do is Cry... November 20, 2010

First of all, my love goes out to the Whitney's. I cried my eyes out as I read the e-mail you sent me. I'm at a complete loss for words; all I can do is cry. I'm so sorry that they have to go through this. I wish I could be there to console and support them but that is one of the reasons why I'm so thankful for the Gospel. We have the ward family to help support and help where ever needed. I think the reason why it hurts so bad is the fact that we are a family and I love them like my own. Please give them huge hugs and kisses for me. It really makes it more real. It makes what I teach everyday that much more important to share. I don't want to think about what it would be like to face that without the knowledge of God's plan for us. I know God loves each and every one of his children and will be there every step of the way if we but turn to him and give all we have then he will help us make it through. The atonement is real. I can say that more now than I ever could before. Jesus Christ is there waiting with open arms, waiting for us to run to him and take the comfort that he offers. I love the Whitney family so much and I pray that they find that comfort at this time.
Wow that letter kind of took it out of me. I'm really at a loss for words...
This week has been really fantastic. We have had a lot of success this week. We have received two referrals, our investigators are progressing and everything is going great. We even got permission to go to the Florida Gator game today!!!! It was crazy, the people here are crazy, but it was way fun and we sat with lots of the members that explained the crazy things they do and why, they also helped us learn how to sing the songs. lol It really has been a good week. I'm sorry this letter is going to be short but the library is closing. I'll send the president's letter to you tomorrow so that you can see the exciting week I had.  I love you a lot and the whole family. I got BreAnne and Elicia's letters. I wrote Elicia a letter because I'm not allowed to write back anyone on e-mail but I want to send her a letter, but I forgot their address. lol I know silly me. So let me know what it is so I can write her. As well as the Whitney's. Thank you so much!!!

I love the family like crazy!!
Love your forever Sister Missionary 



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