July 5, 2011

Last Letter From HOME!!!! (away from home) July 4, 2011

Hello my beautiful family~

I can't express to you how grateful I am for my family. I have never felt so loved so supported. I love you with all my heart and yet I feel like I'm leaving a piece of it in Florida. It's like what it says in the other side of Heaven. "I'm coming home, funny though, it almost feels like I'm leaving home." My heart is here.

This week has been the hardest week of my mission, bar none. Honestly Satan was really getting to me. Putting thoughts of failure into my head, making me feel as if I was nothing and that I gave nothing and became nothing. It was almost as if I were Moses himself as he was tempted by Satan. I felt like I was the daughter of man. I found myself in this pit of sadness that I could not get out of. I prayed and fasted and centered myself on good things and positive thoughts and yet it continued. (Satan can be a real bully sometimes.) It wasn't until I got a blessing that I started to see the light, and when the light did come, it was as bright as the sun and it did chase all the darkness. It wasn't until today when I read Shanna's letter that I truly understood my purpose here among a lot of other things. In one moment the darkness was gone and again the Spirit taught me the truth. You are a daughter of God of the most high. How great is the gospel to know just the simple basics that can and will change your life. I know my Savior lives and that He loves me. I know that He sent me here to the Florida Jacksonville mission. This was His call. I know that it is from Him.

I now have two paths to follow. I can go back or I can continue forward. I however know I can never turn back. It would be like giving my mission back and I refuse! I am a disciple of Jesus Christ now and forever.

I love you family so much! I'm excited to see you and to apply the things I have leaned and move forward in this great work of the Lord!

Your forever sister Missionary~
~see you at 7:11~

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