November 11, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas!!! 11-08-10

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas......
I woke up this morning to a freezing cold apt. I like sleeping cold but this was ridiculous. So we checked to see how cold it was outside. 35 Degrees! Holy cow. I forgot that it gets this cold and it's supposed to get colder. So maybe I might get the feeling of thanksgiving and Christmas after all. We got a Christmas catalog the other day and it reminded me of home. It is during the Holidays the most that reminds me of home. We don't have a cd player so we have been singing Christmas songs like crazy. Sister Johnson thinks that I have been deprived as a child because I have never seen or listened to "forgotten Carols." The only song I have heard of is "homeless." But it's been fun. We also pulled out our sweats, long sleeves, jackets and hot chocolate just to make it really feel like winter. 
This week has been really slow. My Companion has been sick all week. Her poor body just can't take it. We have been to the doctor before and went again this week and need to go back in a month for some more tests. So I have been doing a lot of reading and cleaning and helping her get better. 
Friday was the best day. Although she was sore and still a little sick, after the doctors visit she felt much better. We got to go out and work. You really don't know how much you love it and miss it until you are stuck inside doing nothing. As a missionary you really just can't sit still. The mission makes you become A.D.D. It is a good thing because you become more productive than getting sucked into stupid things, but I do have to say I'm still not perfect at it. This Friday we also had a chance to get started and follow up on some member lessons and that is really picking up speed. We got new cards that members can fill out when we meet with them that kind of give them an idea of what they can be doing to help their friends receive the restored gospel. The end goal is to have a lesson in their home or their friends home but I can see that it is going to start off very small but once people feel the blessings and happiness and power they feel from sharing the gospel they won't be able to keep from sharing it. The single ward is a real blessing because they have many activities that they can invite their friends to as a starter to help them come to church. In Family wards there are not a whole lot of things that they can come to, to meet people except for church. So I'm grateful to be able to use that here in getting people involved with other members to show non-members that we are normal, fun people, and that there is something different that makes members shine. This singles branch is amazing. We are working with a member, Diana, who is preparing for her mission. She is amazing. She asked the bishop if she can speak in church so that she has an excuse to invite her friends to church. It really works too. The last time she did it 12 of her friends came to support her in her talk. Of course that was a year ago but we encouraged her to do it again or other things like it. She is in charge of some of the activities so it will be easy for her to invite like crazy, So we will see.
We also had another lesson with Armando and Brunardo. It wasn't what we hoped it to be because Brunardo wants to learn but Armando seems like he would accept it just because his friends do. It's difficult. We taught the law of chastity and word of wisdom and this lesson is always the make it or break it lesson. They said that they didn't know if they could follow that and it ended up being a long discussion but we left them with reading about faith and a strong testimony and blessings that will come from it if they will obey. They said they will pray about it before committing to it. We told them it's always good to pray about everything because God will give them an answer but they have to be willing to act on whatever the answer may be. They had a hard time with that but we will continue to follow up. I have really high hopes for them. I really pray that they will see the difference that it will make and really find a testimony of the things we are teaching. It's hard to give your heart to something and have it dashed but I am happy to do it knowing the way that it will change their lives.

I love being a missionary because of the look that people give you when they feel the spirit for the first time. You can see it in their eyes and there whole body language changes. That is one of the reasons why teaching the plan of salvation is my favorite, because if they didn't feel the spirit before (which they usually do, that's why you are teaching them), they really feel it then. That lesson brings so much peace and understanding and so much happiness in people's lives. Now if they only understand really what it takes to keep it. We can teach it and teach it but if they don't feel it for themselves, they will never make the proper changes to make it a part of their lives and become so that they can make those covenants of baptism. I want people to see it so bad but some just don't want to. It's the ones that are seeking that we are looking for. I strive everyday to find them. I love my Heavenly Father for sending me here and prompting me to serve. I truly will be forever changed because of it and I'm forever grateful!
I love you all so much and thank you for all your prayers and support!
Sorry this letter is short~ Hug Shanna and Adam for me!
With so much love!
Your Sister Missionary



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