November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!! November 27, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!!

First of all, I love my family!
It is true, this Thanksgiving was not the same without the family but I knew it would be different. But it still was fun. I woke up with the feeling of Christmas and was instantly excited for the day! We went out to breakfast at the nearest place that was open, which happened to be a stake-n-shake. We went with everyone in our area and district. Since we are all on bikes except for one it needed to be close. The bike rack was so full that we started chaining them to the stair railing. The food was ok, but the Christmas music playing in the background while I held my Hot Chocolate with whip cream was the best part! We had fun. Then we went home and got everything ready. The other sisters had their dinner appt. at 12 and ours wasn't until 3. So we went and hit up some apartment complexes and put Mormon. org on all the doors. It was really creepy walking through the streets. There is no one here. Everything is closed and there are no cars on the streets. We could lie down in the street and watch the lights change color and we would never be hit. (Don't worry mom, I didn't actually do it, but I thought about It. lol) It was actually nice to have peace and quiet. We woke up to bird's chirping and realized that the construction workers took a brake too. Our next door lot is building a strip mall. It can get kind of noisy. I was thankful for the quiet this weekend. It made me realize how blessed I am just to have ears to hear the birds and feet to walk the streets and eyes to see the leaves change, (which the trees are not as beautiful as Medford but they do just fine) and a voice to share the gospel and sing as many Christmas songs as I can remember. I love it.

At 3 we went to Brother Jason's home and spent Thanksgiving with his wife and 6 kids and there next door neighbors as well as a brother and sister from the branch. The food was so good. It was just like home. I was kind of sad not to see anything weird and southern but I was glad that all of it was eatable. lol There family is so cute! He is the institute director by the way and totally hysterical. He is my every day source of entertainment and his teachings of the modern day prophets class is always amazing. Just a fantastic man and his wife is beautiful and kids even more so. There family was so fun and they all sing like crazy. I really felt like I was home. We played all kinds of games and I taught them how to play signs. It was a blast. They do this tradition in their family where they have to think of what they are grateful for and then find a scripture to go with it. I picked 3 Nephi 18:21 "Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blessed." I told them about our tradition of what we do after family prayer, "good night sleep tight, the Pedersen's choose the right." I told them that I was so grateful that our family had made a habit of family prayer and how much it has brought our family close through the years. Even when we were so mad at each other we got over it through sticking our hand in and cheering our family on. It has become one of my favorite family traditions. I love my family!!! It was a great thanksgiving. Mom I bet your food was still amazing. I do have to say although there food was good; it's still not the food from home. I missed it.

I can't believe that it snowed there! I'm so jealous! Although it is getting very cold here, 71 degrees. lol. I think we might just get snow, even if I have to shave the ice myself and throw it up in the air for the effect; although by the time it gets to me, it might just be rain. I really love the weather. Not too hot and not too cold. The float looks so good! I would love to sing in it next year with you! Do we get the cute outfits too? I hope so. I know it would be a hassle but how fun!

No one is town so we decided to attack the campus with cards, that way when people come back to school, it is everywhere! I'm so excited to see if it works. Pray that people will open there eyes.
I love you all so much! Thank you for all your prayers!

Love your sister missionary!
~huge Hugs and kisses~

P.S. Breanne and Elicia look so cute! I miss them. Any other pictures from thanksgiving? Did Christopher send any?



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