December 6, 2010

No Letters? December 6, 2010

So sad, no letters today.... That's ok I guess. (She did end up getting them, we were just a couple minutes behind her) I know everyone is busy with Christmas and everything going on. I feel like that this week too. I think it's because of Transfers. We get calls tonight to see if I stay or if I go. This week has been a little harder. We have either dropped our investigators because they are not progressing or they have dropped us because they are no longer interested. It has been a little sad but I have full faith and trust in my Heavenly Father that everything will work out as long as I'm giving it my all and going forth in faith. God will provide.

This experience here has been so amazing. It's funny how we are called to teach others to come unto Christ and by doing so we are changed through teaching them. I have learned so much about myself and about the Gospel and how I can teach in simplicity to help my investigators see what they are missing. Many people search for the Gospel all their lives and never know what they are searching for, they just know that there is a void and they know not how to fill it because they know not where to find the filling. We are the filling. Lol makes me think of doughnuts, but it's true. A in my opinion a doughnut is not complete without raspberry filling. I love this work with all my heart. As I come up to my year mark it forces me to take a look back into my mission and see where I have changed but also see where there is much room for improvement. I'm constantly in the fire of change and truly I love it. It is hard but I wouldn't want it any other way. It' wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't hard. Plus nothing is impossible with God. I have come to know that very strongly these last three months. He is my strength in everything I do. Without him I can only accomplish so little, if not anything. I love my savior so much. I have only changed because he has made it possible for me to do so by his precious gift of the atonement. I know this church is true, with my whole heart! It fills me and my cup continues to run over with blessings that I feel I do not deserve but am truly grateful everyday for; our Family being one of the biggest ones on a very long list.

I love our family so much. Shanna sent me pictures of the family when you went to visit her in Idaho. The boys are huge and McKenna is getting so big. The family is so beautiful and Adam fit's in there as if he was always meant to be there. Shanna and Adam look so happy and man has Shanna and you lost weight. Holy thin cow! Well I know this letter is short but I'll get to talk to you all soon on the phone so prepare some questions. You said you forgot to write them all down last time so you all should do that .

Oh I got your package and it is so stinkin cute! I opened the Pringles today. I Love the little note that came with them. I stopped reading them because it gave the present away. lol I love the little tree; So cute. I also tried on the shoes and wore them for a half hour before they tore up the back of my heels and they were blistered and bleeding. Not pretty, so I know how much you love them so I think I'm going to send them back to you so you can have them. My feet have rejected them. lol. I'll have to find some shoes here with a low back on them. Thank you for sending them though.
I love you all so much and am excited to talk to you soon!
Love you~ your Sister Missionary



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