December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!!! Five days...Dec.19, 2010

Oh my goodness! I could pee my pants with excitement! Actually I think I just might cry the whole time I'm on the phone, so be prepared! Holy packages! I felt so spoiled! I opened the package but not the gifts. I'm enjoying my little goodies. I was looking forward to the meat and the holiday roll, My two favorite things about Christmas, along with egg nog. Oh my goodness I'm so jealous that Christopher got to watch it's a wonderful life! I have been craving to watch that movie. We did a service project and wrapped over 100 gifts for the primary and we sat in silence. I wanted to blare Christmas music and put on a Christmas movie. It reminded me of home. There Christmas party was sweet. They don't decorate but wow do they eat... I'm telling you, at the rate I'm going you won't recognize me when I get back. lol I'm trying to control portions but they don't stop feeding you, and everything is covered in butter and oil and if not pure sugar. They had this lemon something or other that is made of butter, sugar and vanilla and it was to die for but I only had a bit and thank heavens I did. I'm loving the sticks, it's hard to find people but since when has missionary work been easy..., but I love the people!

The Christmas devotional/mission conference was sweet. We were taught and inspired to go and teach. Then we had the talent show. I was so sick but I put on a happy face and sang with sister hafslund and we did great. Then Santa came out right after, so it was perfect. I was so nervous. I hate singing when I'm nervous but I got it on tape and it doesn't sound super good because my camera is slowly dying but oh well. I'm sending the family a package with the pictures. It should be going out today or else it won't get there in time, so we'll see.

Oh I'm so excited! This is going to be so fun. I'm writing my questions as they come. I hope you're doing the same. I'm working hard and focusing on the work even though I'm excited to talk to you all. I'll call maybe at 1. We'll see about the members. I'll probably call from the cell first then call back on member phone. Pray for the Dyess family. The parent's Sissy and Todd need to get married or need to move away from each other and then they all can be baptized. They have been taught all the lessons but things keep coming up that take them away from coming to church and being baptized. Pray that they will find strength to endure and know what is right and that they will be baptized this coming Sunday, if it be God's will. They need this gospel so bad. I know it will change their life and I know it has already made an impact. Pray for them please.

I love you all!!!!

Talk to you in five days~ Your forever favorite sister Missionary



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