June 7, 2010

Love You!! June 6, 2010

Thank you Mom so much! I love you so much! You always give the best advice and give me the most confidence in myself after hearing from you.

This week was still pretty much the same as last week but this week we have one date! Honestly I hope he sticks with it and doesn't drop us. So far he is the only person that we are teaching and we just met him on Friday, so our teaching pool is suffering, which is where the lack of confidence comes from but I know that the Lord is preparing me for so much more and is just molding me into the person that he needs me to be to push forward and stand out. Everything will be ok and in the Lords timing.

I love my ward and they are very strong but we have about 500 less active members and a lot of them have been baptized in the last year or they are from a different country who use to meet as a branch but then were combined with our ward so they don't come anymore, so me and my comp are working on a lot of less actives to build up the ward even more and help the new members receive fellowship. One of the ways can be dinners but a non-member has to be present when we are over, we are also doing a lot of trade offs and trying to work more with the members than ever before. In the last 2 years the mission has kind of been anti ward and pro baptisms through the missionaries, and it worked for awhile and we gained lots of baptisms because missionaries were focused but now we have new members that aren't staying active because they have no attachment to the ward, just to their missionaries and so when the missionaries leave, there goes the new member. It's sad. So now we are working on that.

I think my testimony is stronger more than ever but I still can work on it and improve it. I love the gospel with my whole heart and I really have learned who I do and don't want to be when I get home. My Savior has shown me the way and I am giving up everything to follow Him. I love it here!!

Mom I love you so much and I hope you know how much you mean to me. I love you!

~Your sister missionary~



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