June 14, 2010

Re: Summer is here!!

Thank you mommy~ I love you so much! Thank you for all of the support you give me. I'm sorry this letter is going to be very short because I took most of all my time writing to Shanna so I hope that the package makes up for the lack of a letter. I am doing a lot better this week. We finally have people to teach! I'm so excited! Prayers are being answered and I’m learning to trust and push forward the best I can. I love you Mom so much! Thank you for everything that you do for me!
I love you!

I love you daddy! I am giving a talk about you on Father’s day in my ward. I'm so excited! I love my daddy! I think I’m going to cry through the entire thing but it's going to be great! I was nervous when they asked me to give a talk but then they said it would be on father’s day and I was like sweet! I can talk about my dad all day! I love my dad! I also can talk about My Heavenly Father all day long too. In fact I do! It will be good.
I'm so excited! We have our last president’s interviews with President Newman on Tuesday before he leaves at the end of this transfer. I'm going to miss him but I guess he is also going to give us all blessings before he leaves which is so sweet! He never does that! This will be like a Fathers blessing for me because that is how he gives us those blessings. So it will be on Tuesday so pray and tell Heavenly Father all the things you want to tell me and God will make sure I hear them as well as all the things that God wants me to know. I wish you could give me a blessing but that’s ok. I will picture you in my head. lol I love you so much!
I'm sorry that you are so sore but there is a scripture that goes along with that soreness. Helaman 3:35 it talks about becoming firmer and firmer in the faith. We use that for our work-outs. We become firmer and firmer inside and out. lol it's fun! 
I love you so much and I feel your prayers. Love you
Your sister missionary~



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