May 31, 2010

Letter to Shanna 5/31/2010

This week has been kind of a hard one. We have worked and tracted all week without any success.  It has been very discouraging but I know that we are doing our best in everything we do, so I know it will get better. Me and my comp have decided to just put on a smile and go out and do the work. This is a joyful message that we share and if we are not happy no one will be drawn to us to see what it is that we are so happy about. The doors where I cannot stop laughing is where we are most successful is usually the door that lets us in or that will listen to us. I love being a missionary! So laughing and smiling is a must! In my first area with Sister Johnson we got laughing about something she didn't mean to say so hard that we couldn't even say hi when the door was opened. I was about to pee my pants and then the man starts to laugh and ask why we are laughing and we try to explain but it makes us laugh harder and we just told him to forget it. But it opened up a conversation and he let us in and we taught him about 3-4 times before he dropped us. But it goes to show you that a happy face shows the light you hold more than a frown. (although laughing is not always approprate)

So that has been my week. I struggle but that's ok. It's part of learning. Plus I got a package from Mom with clothes and a family tape and CD's. There are so many stories that are funny that I want to tell you but I think i'll just send a tape becuase i stink at typing and they're better over (I was about to say over the phone, ahhh, I forget sometimes) the tape. You two are so fun together. You are going to be the best parents someday! I tell everyone how much I want a marriage like you two and Mom and Dad. It's just so cute and fun and two just work together so well through it all no matter how hard it gets. Communication, hard work and love and play is the key, especially putting God first before it all. that is the real key. Thats what I have learned more than anything in my mission so far. God makes everything better. I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!
I love you and Adam so much!

Love your favortie sister missionary~



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