May 5, 2010

Re: Loving you from Arizona May 3, 2010

So I'm hoping that you will be back for Mother's day because I want to talk to the entire family too. Oh and I have decided not to send out the package until after mother's day cause heaven knows what else you will want me to send plus I don't know if when I send you pictures the videos will come over with it, if not then I'll need to send you my cards. I already have two cards full of pictures.

Transfers are on Thursday of next week! Can you believe it! I feel like I just got started here. I will probably stay here but my companion is getting transferred for sure cause that's what our President told her last time he talked to her. We get the calls on Saturday so I can tell you all about it on Sunday when I call. I'm so sad that my comp. is leaving! I'm going to miss her like crazy! I love her so much! We already have plans for after the mission. We get along so great. You would love her, she is so much fun and so sweet and loving and way strong and independent. She has taught me a lot about being a missionary. When we tract doors we run to every door, cleverly known as run tracting. haha.

There weren't any baptisms this weekend but there will be next weekend. There are two guys we are teaching. Rusty Poore, a big white ice cream man that is 26 and very sweet, he has changed his life in a way that God has now prepared him to be baptized and Derelle Meeks a 22 year old black gang member who is changing his life in order to be baptized. He has done everything under the sun and has stopped it cold turkey and is doing good. He is very sweet too. He knows what is right and is trying to be an example to his cousins who just got baptized the Sunday before last. They are both amazing and I'm so excited for the changes that they have made in their life so that they can be baptized this Sunday. It's going to be amazing. They are both so solid! I hope they stay strong this entire week and never give up the fight. There are so many people who are strong everyday of the week right until Saturday and then they freak out and backslid. They had one more day! I'm speaking of one person we are working with right now; her name is Kyara colonal and she hasn't been confirmed yet because she will do well all week and we will see her everyday and then the night before after we have already seen her she will do something stupid and have to wait another week. I hate it!!! People can be so stupid sometimes. They know everything we teach is true; they read, pray but yet they won't get baptized! AHH it makes no sense at all. If you believe everything we teach and you know that this is the only true church with the fullness of the gospel, then why wouldn't you want to be a part of it? No sense at all. But I guess it's in the lords timing and it is for me to be patient and keep teaching them and help them understand, because there are usually bigger issues underneath. It's all in the Lords hands.

I'm so excited for Kaitlin~ Spanish! I would love that but I'm happy where I'm at and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Molly is going to England! I can totally picture that and I bet Darren is going crazy. He would love to know that she is serving there even though it probably won't be close to him but they could use great people like Molly there from the letters Darren writes to me. Missionary work is very hard their but I don't doubt that she will do amazing along with Kaitlin.

So Arizona huh? Christopher, that lucky dog. He has gone on more trips than all the kids have put together, but I love him so I guess that's ok. So find any cute skirts......;)

Tell everyone that I love and miss them too and that Tyler should write me and I hope that he got my letter i sent him. I just sent it last week. OH, you need to send me everyone's birthdays including some cousins and grandparents cause I made a list before I left and I lost it now I'm afraid I'm missing a lot of Birthdays and I hate it so if you could do that for me that would be great!.

I'm having so much fun and success here in Florida and it is nothing but the Lords hand in all of it. I don't know why he is blessing me or what I have done to deserve this but I'm thankful every day that he prompted me to go on my mission and then kicked me out the door because it really doesn't get much better than this. I agree with Tyler when he said it was the best decision of his life and no matter how hard it gets he will never regret it or waste a day of it. I love my Heavenly Father so much and I'm so thankful for everything that he blesses me with and the trials he gives me in order to make me better. I love him and I love it here.

I miss you all so much but I'll talk to you Sunday so think of questions, everyone.
I love you~

~Your sister missionary~



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