May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday & Memorial Day! May 31, 2010

Mommy and sweet Daddy~

I got the package and I loved it! Some of the clothes don't fit, but thank you so much for them. I was telling Shanna that I don't have restrictions on what I wear so I can wear anything. The skirts are too long for summer but I'll try to make them work. Here you sweat everywhere; in places I didn't know you could sweat. But you get use to being wet all the time, so the thinner and shorter the skirt the better. I wear skirts just past my knees and it's appropriate because when I sit my knees don't show.

I'm so happy that you and Dad had so much fun and I'm sorry but happy late birthday!!! I still need a list of birthdays. I'm missing them. Sorry. I loved the tape soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! It was totally perfect! This week has not been going so good so the tape cheered me up so much! I love it! My package I know is super late but it's hard trying to put a package together when you're a missionary. You'll see why when you get it. I don't have as much free time as it seems. P-days are still as full as any other day. But I promised myself that this week it will be out. Hope there is not anything you want me to send you. This package is for the family but mainly for Christopher and his Christmas, birthday, mission, just because I'm excited for him to go. I love my family soooo much.

I'm sorry that this letter is going to be so short but nothing has really happened this week at all. We run tract everywhere! We have taught 194 lessons this week and nothing! But I have decided to be happy! I love you!!!!!!!

Thank you for everything!!!!!!!
Love your sister missionary~


Jacque said...

There is a word for all that sweating. When you sweat all over your body and are constantly wet. It is a word we adopted from the Dunn's. It is "galdation". When sweating at Disney World we text him saying "major galdation going on!!!". Just thought you might like to adopt our secret word. Love you!


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