May 24, 2010

Aloha!! Thank you.. May 24, 2010

I love you both so much! Thank you for everything and I’m so thankful to have you in my life. I loved your letter Mom and I’m sure that Dad would just say dido to most all of it. I love you both sooooo much; you both know me inside and out and I’m so thankful for that because you show me what I seem to miss a lot. I realize that I’m hard on myself but it's only because I know that i can be better and I want to do so much more. 
We had the best opportunity to hear from three quorum of the 70’s~ Elder Anderson, Elder Lawrence, Elder Rasband (president of the Quorum of 70) and then of course Elder Russell M. Nelson who is one of the twelve Apostles! He really is! He is an apostle of God and i love him so much. He is so funny and so sweet but blunt. Out of all of the missions in Florida he came to see us and we have been preparing since I first got here for him to come and speak to us. (I shook his hand! and he said my name and smiled) I wander if he could see into my soul... It made me nervous but at the same time I knew he could talk to all of us and meet all of our needs. It was so amazing!  I don’t have my notebook with me but they talked about a lot of things. Our mission president talked to us and his wife bore here testimony and said she is asking for an extension no matter what here husband wants and then Elder Nelson said "well I don’t see that happening since I just signed and sent off a letter releasing you and congratulating you for the wonderful work you have done, you'll receive it in two days." lol he was so funny. President Newman said this to us "Don’t just write these words down to hide away or to be stored up like some fantastic artifact but use these words to light a fire to move your feet and work your hands." I loved that!!! And I will continue to try and use those words.
It was just a friendly and family felt meeting. Like parents really just counseling with there children. Elder Nelson while he was talking said "Your not suppose to think about after your mission and the wife or husband you will marry but think about it... You are preparing here for that moment you will be married and have a family and share these experiences. The missionary you are on your mission will be the person you will be after your mission." then he went on to say, "wouldn't you love to have a husband or wife like President and Sister Newman? They love each other and hold hands and continue to do so because they love God more than there spouse so that they have a greater capacity to love each other more. When you put God first and in front of everything you receive ten fold." I have found that on my mission that when I put God first and love him more than anything else I have a greater capacity to love every person I meet teach and serve with.
They touched on a lot of things. But mainly this is what I felt. I have a tough time figuring out what I’m doing wrong and why I didn't have success in the past and what's going to happen at the end of this transfer when our new mission president takes over, and how I can testify more boldly and with such power that they cant turn away, and how I can keep the one's I have from leaving? I had a lot of other concerns but they were all answered through all the talks given. My answer was given perfectly by Elder Nelson when he said, “Stop worrying about it. Don’t look back and continue the work that you are doing with prayer, reading and obedience and everything will come. So I guess I’m freaking out too much and I need to just chill out. I need to still work my tail off and continue to do better but stressing and wishing and hoping will get me nowhere. I just need to work my feet move my hands and concentrate my mind to the desires of my heart. Then hit the pavement running, literally. I love run tracting. Sometimes it's hard when it is so hot outside but I love it. I really feel like I’m working and giving it my all. Then when i get home I want to pass out and do a lot of the time. You know you pray a lot when the most comfortable position to sleep is on your knees, that or you have fallen asleep a lot on your knees. In that case they are both true statements.
I love you both sooooooooo much and am thankful for parents that taught me hard work, and that scripture study and prayer are key and how I should follow the spirit so that i’m not wasting anytime figuring out the basics and i can just work. Don’t get me wrong those basics become a lot more intense on your mission so it's like you have to relearn them all over again in addition to all the new things but I’m loving it! 
I just found my cord so here is a picture of my super hot comp. to go along with your super hot weather in Hawaii!!
I love you and Hope this letter sounds more positive. I'm sorry, the mission makes me crazy with emotions because i love the people so much here and want the best for them and then they run from me, some times literally and I think I’m doing something wrong which sometimes is the case so i constantly check myself and make it better because that is what I want. A better everything! I love love love you both and you show me everyday what a marriage is suppose to be like. Love it!!! 
Ok i got to go. 
With love from your sister missionary~

P.S. lol, Wow sorry about the dislexicness (oh wow if you didn't know before that i couldn't spell you know now. and i can't even spell what i have. Who ever thought of that word was not dyslexic.)  
[I edit her spelling so you don't get to see it, but this was funny so I kept it in! Isn't she great? She cracks me up.]


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I miss those weekly letters from my missionary- thanks for letting us share- and as for spelling- they all get so bad because they are trying to hurry and as for L- he had to cross his fingers that the internet cafe computer wouldn't crash and lose it all-

hugs to all of you!


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