April 26, 2010

Re: Joy in the Journey 4-26-2010

Ok so you do write books but that's ok because I love hearing from you and yes it is very hard to write sometimes, well all the time because I don't have much time to do it. Everyone waits for you to finish your letter home so that they can leave.
Your pictures and box of fun will come soon. I only have P-days to get everything together and we don't have much time on p-days to get it pulled together, but I'm filling it and it will be fun!

Normal day: Run around like a chicken with his head cut off. lol
Wake up~ 6:30
Exercise till 7:00
Get ready~ 7-8
Personal study~ 8-9
Companionship study~ 9-10
Out the door by 10
Then the day could be filled with lots of things like tracting, appointments or whatever.
Lunch~ 1-1:30 or 2 (sometimes we get lunch or we take a snack or the lunch time gets moved so we can do more work.)
Lots of other running around talking to people all day.
Come home~ 9
Plan for next day~ 9
Bed time~ 10:30 (unless it's girls night then you stay up till 3am! never doing that again!)

So that is my normal day in a nut shell. Sundays are a different story and really it's just mass craziness!!!!!!! Sundays are hard for missionaries and I use to like them but now it's just a stress day to see if people will show up or get baptized or confirmed. This Sunday was good though. Kyara didn't get confirmed but we had three little kids get baptized, and there Mom will be next once she gets married. lol they were sooooo cute!!!! Love them!

So sorry I don't get full stories. It's hard to comment and then tell the story in so little time. You should just write down the stories I don't tell and ask me when I call on mother's day. Then I'll have something to say on the phone. lol

It's so weird Anna is getting married and in fact I already knew that from the Coffman's because they love me and tell me all the gossip. I love it! There is always something fun like that in their letters. I can totally imagine Heather saying it too. lol I'm sorry to hear about Michelle.

Sorry this letter is random. It's been a really crazy week and will continue that way. Have Dad forward his letter to you so you can see what the ward is like here. It's crazy and I love our ward back home and I hope you all are getting involved in missionary work. Mom I'm so happy you talked to Amanda's Mom. That is so sad. I didn't know that happened to her and her family. Pray for guidance and I know the words will come. Just bring her to church and she'll know. The ward is amazing back home!

I'm so happy to hear that the kids are doing well. The boys seem like there doing fantastic! I'm, so proud of them! I'm sending letters home to them in a box with stuff. I'm jealous you are going to Arizona but I guess you can go without me, I'll let you this time but next time you have to take me. Tell Tyler and Brandon hi for me and kiss the baby for me too!

I love you soo much and I know this letter doesn't say much about what is going on but everything is going great! We are doing the work and baptizing like crazy! This weekend made six for the transfer. God has blessed me so much and I don't know why! I love Him so much and thankful that I know that He is apart of my life and blesses me daily with little mercies to get me through. The people are enough. One person looked me strait in the eye and said "you are Eloheim." he was really weird, we then  told him he was wrong and left, but we laughed for the rest of the day. Another woman said she could see Jesus all over us. lol people are crazy here but so fun to talk to and share the gospel with.

I have to go but the Church is true so always share it!
love you!
~ your sister missionary~

To Dad,
I love my comp. she is amazing! We get along so well. I do like my ward but it is very small because 300 people in our ward are inactive!! Can you imagine that? We went to the bishop's house for dinner and it was a very good bonding experience. After dinner we went over our inactive or less-active list and man, we have a lot of work to do. Most people are not coming to church because they have been offended at one time or another. It's so stupid! People need to learn to let things go. One person got offended by how someone blessed their baby, in the blessing God said if the parents would stop smoking the baby would get well and they got mad but stopped smoking and that night the baby slept through the whole night and became well. Now the parents are smoking again and blame the reason for not coming back to church on the blessing when really it's because they are smoking again, plus if the Dad was worthy to give the blessing, this entire situation would have been avoided. So dumb, but because of him and the Mom 4 of their kids don't come to church and there extended family doesn't come either. So that is the whole ward in a nut shell. They mold the gospel to fit their way of life and then when someone points out that this isn't right they get offended and then never come back. But our PEC is amazing! We go to our wonderful mission leader's home every week on Sunday and they make us food and we go over the week and the people we have. I love him so much! His name is Brother Ward and he is amazing. He really loves the ward and he works really hard for the missionarys. He is a convert to the church so he knows how important the gospel is to someone's life that doesn't have it. He teaches gospel principles, and he gives rides to anyone who needs one to church or Wednesday night class. Sadly he is moving next week so we are losing him and I'm very sad. I'm scared to see who will fill his spot because there aren't a lot of people who are supportive of us in the ward and the way we go about missionary work but Brother Ward was on our side. Now we leave it in the Lords hands to see who will be the ward mission leader. God knows best and it will be just fine.

Thank you for your support~ I love reading your letters. I'm sad to hear about the destruction around the world but it's true. Christ is coming and I see it more and more every day. I'm not scared for his coming but rather look forward to it but the more I know that the time is near the more I'm pushed to do the work and fear for the people I teach and their unwillingness to accept the gospel. People are so stubborn in their own ways that they don't allow the spirit to testify to them of the truth of this gospel. I love it so much and there is so much work to be done but I know that with the Lord's strength I can do it. I love you so much and I'm thankful to have a Dad who holds the priesthood and reads and studies the scriptures and has taught me the right things in my life. I don't know where I would be without parents who care enough to push, to ask and to help me along in my life. I love you both so much!

The package is coming........ soon. lol
Love your sister missionary~


Cindy said...

Sister Pedersen,
I love to read your letters. You are an awesome missionary. Enjoy every minute and know that you are in my prayers!!! Trust the promptings from the Spirit and continue to love those you teach. love you...your Aunt Cindy (AZ)


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