April 5, 2010

Re: Happy Easter!! April 5, 2010

I have been transferred to Whitehouse in Florida. It's not exactly in Whitehouse because it's so big but it's like the Westside of Jacksonville, It's hard to explain. My new companion is sister Joslin. She is 25 very cute and I love her already! She is the most loving person I have ever met. She reminds me of BreAnne that way. We have a lot of fun and she laughs all the time. Oh and we room with two other sisters. It's the only 4 room sister area in the mission. Our roomies are sister kitchen, this is her first area and her trainer sister Johnson!!! I know we are still together! I have realized though that God gives me patience for each companion that I have and when they are not my companion it's a different story; but I love everyone! They are so great! I'm still getting to know our zone leaders Elder parker and elder Garnett. Our district leader is elder Brown and I have only met him once but we see the zone leaders a lot because sister Joslin is very close with them because she has been in this area her entire mission; 5 transfers!!!! That's crazy but people love her here.

I got your package and I love the Skirt!!!! It's still a little long cause it goes to my ankles but it is so cute and it looks really good on. I love it. I wore it my first day here. I like the candy too but I'm trying to stay skinny. Oh and I did the scripture egg thing and messed up and had to start it over again but I loved it! I explained to my comp about how we do it at home and she was so jealous. I love my family!!

Speaking of family, General conference was all about family! I think God is telling us something. If anything else it tells us how important the work is right now. The more I'm out on my mission the realization set's in that these are the last days and you don't have time to sit back or mess up. If you mess up you may not have the time to fix it and come back, Well you always have time cause that is the entire reason for the atonement but don't turn back just press forward, enjoying and learning to the end!.

I love it here! The people are so ready to hear the Gospel; they eat it up and want to change. Matt ended up getting baptized before we left which was so sweet! It was perfect. After he was baptized and in the font he got up and was like "that was it?" we all started to laugh, but we explained to him that that wasn't it but just the beginning. He's preparing to go to the temple and receive the priesthood!! I'm so excited for him. I hope the elders that took our place won't screw it up, lol I'm sure they will be just great as long as they follow the spirit. Oh and two people were baptized here yesterday. Nick and Nikki. a daughter and father. I met them 4 days ago and they had been to church were interviewed and baptized! It was so awesome. there older sister Debra was baptized 3 months ago and I already feel really close to their family~ I love them so much and I want the best for them.

Oh, ok so finances have been crazy, why can't I use my personal account? One time or another, the mission card didn't work because the money didn't come in time before I got things at the store, I keep all my receipts, but you have to understand that we go shopping every week and when you get transferred you leave all your food and start over. It's a pain in the butt. I didn't think I was getting transferred so I bought a lot of groceries before the transfer and had to leave them behind! Never again!! I was mad but I didn't think about it or care at the time. All I cared about was that I was leaving my area. It was really weird to leave but i think this will be a very good transfer and sister Joslin needed me to step in for her. She thinks she'll be transferred next transfer and then I'll stay but we will see; you never know.

I love my family so much and am thankful for your support and all the prayers you send my way. I hope everything is going good and I'm almost done with my tape to send home! I think you will love it. One side is from last transfer and one side is from this transfer. It's very fun.

I love you!!!

~~your sister missionary~~



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