April 12, 2010

A little to Mom a lot to Christopher April 12, 2010

I dont have alot to write this week cause there isn't a lot going on but read Christopher's letter and you'll get how I'm feeling. I feel bad this is really really short but you'll get a tape from me and feel all better. I really dont have a long time to write and a lot of people wait on me to finish so I have to get off but I wanted to send you something, so i'm sending you this "muah" that is a kiss from me to you!

I love you mom so much! you give me a lot of support that I'm so thankful for. both you and Dad. I'm again so sorry this short.
love your sister missionary~

To Christopher:
Re: love you!‏

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! I'm beaming and I look like an idiot sitting here on the computer smiling to myself but I don't care! You are so stinkin cute and I can't wait until you're on a mission and can see what it's like.

I didn't get your letter you sent or maybe it was an e-mail but don't worry if it's a letter I'll get it on Thursday. I have a new address now and i can't remember it but I sent it to mom so she has it.

I'm so happy that you are going out with the missionaries a lot cause I wish I would have done that before I left. I had no idea the way they taught or how they did door approaches but I figured it out. Every mission is different when it comes to the door approaches. It's crazy here cause we invite people to be baptized at the door, but don't worry about that in the MTC. They don't really teach you because you don't really need to know it until you're out there in the field. The MTC was fun and you might get sick of it because you'll see everyone leave before you but it's all in the attitude, you'll be there for awhile so make it fun and do your best. Don't be so hard on yourself if you can't do it right the first time because no one gets it right the first time. Just keep studying preach my gospel; especially the first lesson. I think it's in red, but just go over my letter that I sent you when i was in the MTC. Most of my advice is in there. One thing you will learn is that people and companions can be a lot of drama. Just stay away from that and love your comp no matter what. Never gossip because that is what people will know you by and you're not like that anyway, but people will ask you what you think about this person or that girl and you just say something nice and that is it. The MTC can either be a training center for what you want to be or it can be high school all over again without the learning that you need. You choose.

There are going to be cute girls there but don't flirt with them, protect them. There will be a lot of guys that will talk bad about sisters or say stupid things but be the one that protects them and defends them because when you do, you're protecting me. Whenever you see a sister, think of me and treat them like your sister. Oh by the way they will ask you a lot about why you came on a mission, figure out why you're really on a mission and write it down. Not just cause you always wanted to go or cause it's the right thing to do but why do YOU want to go? Then pray and make a goal of how many people you want to baptize on your mission and then do it. It doesn't matter where you serve, God will give you that number; therefore he will help you accomplish it. It's important to have that Goal set in your mind so it will always push you forward.

I love you so much and I'm excited for you!! Stay strong and do your best. Don't just be a good missionary, be a great missionary. There is a difference. One has a desire and tries and one sacrifices and does the work. Which one are you going to be? Your mission is filled with choices that you will have to make and make fast. Do I talk to that person, do I obey, do i say this, and do I ask that? You decide. Make the decision now what kind of missionary you want to be because if you don't decide now than you will waste a year of your mission (like some other elders do) figuring out who you are and what you want to be and there will be a lot of bad habits to break instead of building on good ones. There are people who served in this mission who were what we call "the Greats". They were never really the smartest or best looking but they had all the faith in the world that they could accomplish whatever was before them. They baptized in the 90's and set a standard for the mission and they ended up all becoming assistants to the president. Is that going to be you? I hope it is Christopher because I see it in you. Don't be shy and don't back down. There is this quote I want you to look up and print out in big letters and put it on your wall and take it with you to the MTC and mission so you will always be reminded of what your working toward. It's called "the fellowship of the unashamed" This is my favorite quote ever! It is now my motto for the rest of my mission and I hope it will be yours too. This can be and will be you depending on the choices you make. I love you so much! *(oh and get a flag of your mission so that people can sign it when they leave or you leave, I wish i would have done it, it's a way sweet idea.)
I'm so excited for you and jealous that you get to go to Arizona. They will definitely teach you a thing or two. Didn't' they go to the same mission? Anyways they can teach you a little Spanish and tell you what to wear!!!!!! Oh my gosh you're going through the temple!



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