May 30, 2011

Eternal Bliss... May 30, 2011

Family!!! This week was been so crazy!! So In my last district we had four areas. Fernandina, Hilliard, then St. Mary’s and Kingsland which are together but one is sisters and the other one is elders. So I was in Hilliard for six months and I have six weeks left and I got transferred to St. Mary’s. My last area is 20-30 mins away from here and I'm still in the same district and zone. And if you remember I served in this ward for my first area of my mission. I also have served around my new comp. sister Fitu for the last three months, so I know her very well. It was super strange to get transferred here. It was like nothing changed. I feel like I’m on a never ending trade off. It's weird. But my companion is awesome! She is Samoan and really ghetto. She is all tom boy and is in love with basketball. She’s from California but moved to Utah in the last couple of years, but doesn’t claim it, she is a gansta. lol her language is funny. Very unique. But it’s strange to be back in this area. I still get to see Sister Surtees all the time and that is nice. We have so much fun!

I'm so happy that McKenna's baptism went so well. Her dress is so cute!! And I'm glad that she chose Kenny. That is a super cute picture dad sent me of them two. I hope you have a lot more to send me. I didn’t know that Josh got baptized too. That is so awesome that he decided to be re-baptized. I bet it was nice to have the rest of the family there too.

This weekend was crazy. When I got here they already had three baptisms lined up. And I was so happy to meet them. The first was a daughter, Destiny and mother, Monica, who had taken the lessons with also a son, Cody, but Cody did not want to be baptized yet because he felt he was not ready and didn't know if he could believe in the miracles and answers to prayers. Cody is not much of a talker but when I got here and started asking him questions we realized that although quite and non-responsive, he was listening. He was so ready and prepared but we did not push and we continued to teach him mom and his sister with him listening to the lessons. Then we had another baptism set up for Kaymen and he is the sweetest black boy ever! He is amazing! He is almost finished with the Book of Mormon. He is awesome. He is 16 and is almost the last one to be baptized in his family. They have one more to go and his name is Colby. We just set a date with him. The spirit was so strong. I really feel like I’m in this area to baptize him. I cried my eyes out as I told him that God loved him and that his family is just waiting for him on the other side and that he was meant for great work. I know he will be baptized soon.
We went to church and the spirit was strong. We were all excited and couldn't wait for the baptism to begin. When it was finally time for destiny and Monica’s baptism there was not a dry eye in the room. The spirit was so strong and Monica was so excited she could hardly stand it. Her son Cody on the other hand was in tears and I wished so badly that he could join his family. When we took Monica and Destiny to the bathroom and font Cody came on the other side of the font in white. Elder graham had interviewed him just after all the talks and he was ready. He followed the spirit and was baptized along with his family. We were all balling are eyes out. It was an amazing baptism. Then two hours later, Kaman was baptized. He will be an amazing missionary. I just know he will.

They were all so bright and smiling, and just glowing. I have been here a week and have seen a change in all of them. In just one weeks time of preparing to be baptized I could see it. It is amazing to see what the Gospel of Christ does for those willing to act. I love this gospel with all my heart and am thrilled for their families. What a blessing to know that this is true. What a difference it has made in my life and in the life of my family and friends. There is nothing better than this. There is a phrase in the Book of Mormon that explains how I feel. It's called "Eternal Bliss." I love it. It's the pure joy and love of God. I may not know these families very well but I love them as if I've known them my whole life. I feel so blessed to be a part of this experience.
I love you all so very much! Oh and President Barry said that because I'm going to school so soon when I get home and my not have enough money, he is going to give me a small scholarship a semester. Isn't that awesome?! He said it will be about $200 a semester; enough to pay for books. But I need to apply for way more than that, as well as pell grants. How are the school classes going? Tell me if I need to help with anything. I got permission to go through all the school stuff with you on line, so let me know.

Sorry this is so short. We are at a member’s home because the library is closed for the holiday and they are as big as our family and are going through all the Saturday cleaning stuff, but the next one will be longer.

I love you and I'll talk to you soon~
Your forever sister Missionary~



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