May 24, 2011

Never to live below my privilages.... May 23, 2011

Hello My Beautiful Family!!!!

This week had a lot of ups and downs. I'll start with the downs. Skyler didn't get baptized. It was a huge bummer. His dad said that 10 year old Skyler could not get baptized until he knew the doctrine of the church and could explain it to him. It was a poor excuse but hopefully by example he will change his dad's mind.

Another down this week was that my companion and I were both sick. I didn't start getting sick till this weekend but she was sick all week with stomach stuff. Not fun but funny. (I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this)..We decided to go out and work anyway, so one night we were at a door and this Russian woman came to the door, I had talked to her before, and we were commenting on how good her English is despite her thick accent that she seemed ashamed of. I don't know why but I loved it! But my stomach started to hurt really badly, so I was rocking back and forth to get rid of the pain and all of the sudden, "TOOT." Yep that's right. It was so embarrassing. I didn't dare look at Sister Surtees but I could not help but recognize that she must have heard it too. Thankfully I coughed afterwards to cover it up and it worked for the Russian lady, she had no idea why all of the sudden my companion burst into laughter. I tried to keep my composure as she talked to us about the war and all the Jews being killed and herself being in a camp but that sound rang in my ears and I lost it. I could not stop laughing. The kind of laughing that seems to happen when you're in the middle of a prayer and it's totally inappropriate, which makes it funnier. I should have faked crying and said we had to go but laughter? I felt so stupid by the time I left, that poor lady probably thought we were laughing at her, but nope just the result of a week of bubble guts. Not fun but super funny~

I'm also being transferred. After six months and only six weeks to go, God is moving me out. It is so weird. It's a mixed emotion. I'm sad to leave my home and yet I feel I have accomplished everything that I needed to do here and to stay would be a waste of the Lords time. I really do feel like I'm needed somewhere else. You will know by the next e-mail where and with whom. My next area will be my seventh area and my tenth companion. Can you believe it? That is crazy. But God knows best and I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm excited for what God has in store.

The up this week is that Rose got baptized!!! It was so emotional and perfect. Her brother baptized her. It really was a miracle how we met her. She lives with a Less Active and we have always gone over there to see her and she would sit in the other room and listen. then her brother would talk to her from time to time but she wanted nothing to do with the Gospel until a couple weeks ago, when her preacher started teaching false things that made her look in the bible and ask questions that lead her to the church for the answers. After almost eight years of prep, she was ready for the gospel. We just happen to be there in the right time and moment. We took her hand to show her the way and she started running. I loved it! It was just perfect!

McKenna's baptism is going to be so cute! When I have given a talk on the Holy Ghost I talk about the rinsing of the dishes as baptism and the soap as the Holy Ghost. Your dishes aren't clean unless you use soap. But I guess I would use that analogy because I've done dishes since I was tall enough to reach over the counter but even then I think you gave me a stool to stand on. Whatever you say I'm sure will be perfect. Just give them something to remember there baptism. Like Kellin's key with the date of his baptism date on it. Because I have no idea when I was baptized. Sad huh? I hope you can make McKenna's dress. That would be perfect. It's tradition. It's a must. Just don't stress yourself out over it. Cause that's no fun. McKenna is already a little missionary. That story of having her friend come to church was so cute! She should invite her to the baptism. That would be awesome. I think her friend would come. She is so stinkin cute!!!!

Thank you mom for the quote on living below our privileges. It is so true. I think I'm going to use that. I always love the quotes and thoughts you and dad always give me and Christopher. It really inspires me to do better because I know what you expect of me and what Heavenly Father expects of me and it makes me push myself and become more and always be sure I'm not living below my privilege. So thank you!!!

I'm so glad that you had a blast in Portland. Those trips away are well needed. There are so many couples out here that don't take time to step outside of things and enjoy and get to know each other. I have a great testimony of doing that every single week. It really does strengthen a marriage. A marriage is about sharing your lives together. If you're not going on date nights then your just living two separate lifestyles under the same roof. It's important to share your life. I love my parents!

I can't believe Daniel went to his first dance. Yesterday I was trying to figure out how old he was and I thought, no way! He is not old enough to go to dances. Well you just answered my question. SO WEIRD. Daniel you stay away from those girls. There just trouble. ;)

When it comes to school. Umm I really don't know what is best. You know what I need. I'm going to pray that you know what I need and that you will follow the spirit and make good choices for me. Plus I can change them when I get there if it doesn't seem to work. My only request is that you don't make them too late in the night and not too early in the day. Like 8am and on is ok. No classes after four if you can help it. I just know I'm going to need lots of study time and sleep time because I'm going to be thrown off schedule. You know what is best for me and I trust you. Just let me know the final product. I also would like one day off or get out early so that I can go to the temple. They are always way too full on Saturdays and No one can get in on the sessions. Wow, this is weird but I feel really good about it. Please pray before you start to sign me up and look at the teacher's names. It's going to be very hard for me to get back into school so make sure they have good reviews. Wow I need to stop, I know you'll do all that, my parents have fought for me all my education, you know me.

I love you, thank you~
Love your forever Sister Missionary~

P.S. I have sent three packages to you so far. Two priorities and one flat rate. They should have already gotten there by now. Please tell me if you got them so I can stop freaking out about them. I also have sent two more priority today so they should get there in a couple of days. Please do not open them!!!! I will show you it all later. My packing skills have really improved. You won't believe what I fit in there. Lol I love you!



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