May 2, 2011

Lots of Love coming your way!!! May 2, 2011

Oh my gosh!!!! I'm freaking out!!! Ok really I'm so excited to talk to you all. Even though I will talk to you all soon, it will be fun to see all of your faces and get the support to give the next two months all my devoted attention. Heavenly Father's timing is perfect. God knew that I would need to see my family just before I came home in order to forget them and give it my all. Oh goodness I'm excited.

Ok so lately school has been on my mind ever since you mentioned it and I really don't know what to do now. I'm really nervous to go to school so soon and if I go so early I won't have money to pay for any of it. So I've been praying about it and I've gone back and forth. I feel good about it and yet don't know but need to make up my mind if I'm going to sign up for classes. I mean I could take a few dance classes to get up to par for the team and work at the same time but then I would need a car. Wow. I didn't have to deal with any of this on my mission. Crazy! But please help me decide what to do. If I do go back to school. I'll be going back in September right? We'll talk about it on Skype. AhhhAhhh! lol so excited! 

I love the family so much and pray for all of you every day. I know that Satan tries to find ways to overpower us but really he has no power at all! I was reading Elder Bednar's talk on "Things as they are." It was so good. It put a new viewpoint in my mind about what it means to use our bodies as they were intended, for the good of Gods work. They talked about technology and that we use it more than our minds, and we use texting more than our voices, and we use images of cyberspace instead of building and creating relationships. I realized how much time I've wasted with the things of the world instead of being involved with people. You can't build a relationship with a computer. Elder Bednar said something I love. When it comes to the end of our life and we are en-wrapped in the arms of our Saviors love, it will be a real experience not something you can duplicate through cyberspace." Ok so it wasn't word for word but something like that. I love it because we truly need to see things how they are and not how the world sees them. 

Becky had her baby! Dad sent me pictures and they are so cute! Thank you dad! I can't wait to meet her. Is Becky ok? I hope so. 

I'm so glad you liked wicked. I will definitely have to see it when I get home sometime. 

Oh and the storm was ok here. They are calling members of the church to go out and help with the disaster but we just got rain here. I really enjoyed the thunder and lightning, but you know me. I really wanted to be in a big storm but that's ok, God knows best. But that is super sad that it hit that hard. Our bishop was saying that it was on the ground for six hours! That is insane! God is preparing the people and giving others a chance to serve and do God's work. 

Ok so this is going to be super short because I'm going to talk to you on Sunday!!!!! So think of questions and write them down like last time so that we have something to talk about. What am I saying, I'm a Pedersen, and we always have something to talk about. I love you so very much and I'll talk to you soon! 

Lots of prayer, kisses, hugs and love coming your way!
Love your forever Sister Missionary~



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