May 22, 2011

Time is Flying!! May 16, 2011

Hello family!

Thank you dad for the videos. I couldn't watch them yet but I'll try to next week if I can. It was nice to see my box full of mail, even if it was full of talk videos. It was so fun to see Skyler on Skype before he takes off. He is probably so excited! I remember that day like it was 17 months ago haha. Really it does feel like yesterday. I can't believe how quickly it fly's. This year has flown by. School here gets out this weekend and I can't believe it has come and gone. Weird!

Thank you mom so very much for doing research on school for me. 
I think I told you all of this but guess what!? One of my old companions is going to go back for school in the fall too, so we are going to be roommates! Well I hope it all works out that way. She is still deciding. Thank you so much for your quote from Elder Ballard. Totally made me cry! It is so true, I love my mission more than life itself and truly I have given up my life for it but when it is done, I need to step off the stage and move on. I know I'm not alone in this move and I 'm being prepared for something even greater, I just can't think of anything greater than a mission. Jk a family is definitely what I wanted most before I left my mission and I will seek for that when I get home at a later time.... Much later.... :) I'm excited for the experiences that will come my way and how I will incorporate my mission life into them. That, I think, Will be the most fun part! I need to "enjoy the future."

Mom I'm not dying and I promise I will share with you things that I have learned and studied. Remember, I'm always a missionary; the spiritual name tag never comes off.

I love you all so very much and am excited to see your faces. But in the mean time, I'll be seeding up a storm here in Hicksville, working my buns off and enjoying every second of it!
All my love~

Your forever Sister Missionary~

President Barry~
This week has been good. It has been a little bit slower due to the fact that my companion is getting sick but with a little extra sleep she is receiving more energy.

This week we had two dates in church. Rose and Skyler. Rose committed to being baptized on the 22nd of May along with her niece. It is so exciting to see her change and make the steps towards baptism. She has researched and studied on her own. It is a piece of cake teaching her because really she is teaching us. She says that if she wants to know something she will research and study it and then ask us if she studied is correct or if she can't find it then she will ask us. She is so cute! She lives with a Less-active, so she has had many people come over to the house from the church and her brother converted to the church over 8 years ago so she has also heard it from him. She said everything changed when she went to church and knew what they were teaching was wrong and then would hear us teach her roommate and remember what her brother has taught her and it all made sense to her. She said that was the moment she knew the church was true and that he needed to be baptized. We are still continuing to teach her and answer any questions that she has and make sure that she is not just reading but studying the scriptures.

Skyler is 10 years old and is part of a part member family. The mom is a member but dad is not. It has been a struggle in the family and has caused mom to go inactive but recently she has come back to church at the insistent begging of her son Skyler. Skyler is a very smart boy. I guess you could say he is a 30 year old in a 10 year old body which gets him in trouble sometimes at school. But since we have had the lessons with him his attitude has improved and is behavior and actions at school have changed. This is a huge blessing because dad is seeing the difference in his son and is recognizing that it's coming or changing because of the values and teachings of the Gospel. So we are praying that dad will let Skyler get baptized this weekend. Mom came to church on Sunday and felt inspired in what to say to him and how to bring it up so that he will let him. It would be so good for that family to have the priesthood in the home.

This week we have been centered on finding our investigators question of the soul and assigning them reading assignments to help them answer that question. I have loved doing this challenge. It has changed the way that I look at the Book of Mormon. I love it!

Till next week, Lots of love~
~Sister Pedersen



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