January 18, 2011

I LOVE this WORK!! January 17, 2011

Random thoughts are first. ;)

I love you all so much. I feel like my heart is going to burst with all the gratitude I feel! Oh my gosh everything is amazing!!!! Ok Ok I need to settle down so I can write.

Oh my Gosh Dad I cried and laughed so hard about your letter you sent to me. As a kid, those were my favorite days as a family, when we would go over all of our memories. It was the best. Because we saw how happy we are and none of the contention matters. Oh I just have an over powering love for my family that just can't be put out. Man!!!! Ok. But I almost peed my pants when you made reference to the Christmas vacation. That movie is totally you. You would go through all the memories all day and with a tear in your eye watch old movies of the family. It is just so funny. I'm still laughing. lol! Thank you dad for always writing me and Mom too. It really means a lot to me. I always come back from e-mails with a smile and a fire to my testimony. It so awesome!

Wait Heidi is engaged!? Isn’t she like 18? She can't be older than that. I know she like 20. Oh my gosh I’m old. Crazy? Well I guess if he is nice and they love each other.

Christopher and Kenny wrote me and that was so nice. I loved it. Oh Mom president said that I could continue to go through with the EFY thing as long as I do it on P-days. So I don’t know where to go now with it but he said it's ok. Just let me know what I need to do.

Ok so this week has been so sweet. We had two baptisms. The two little boys that I told you about last week. They got baptized and their families are now back in church! Not only did we have baptisms but we had three people with a date at church and they stayed to watch the baptism. One was the Toms that I told you about. The Sweet couple that owns a goat farm. We found them by by total miracle. We decided to go back to look at referrals and there they were never updated. So we went to see them to see if they were interested and they were. So awesome. They are just soaking it up and loving the lessons and they love church and the ward just loves them. It really is so wonderful. Then we found another man who we drove past one day and he was on a bike and we were going fast and went past him and the spirit told me to go back and I kind of grunted and my companion said well just turn around. She had felt it too. We turned around and he had turned down two different streets. He biked fast. It probably looked like we were stalking him, which in fact we were. But we shared our message and he was interested. We went back and taught him and he loved it. We set a date and he came to church. He is a little slower but just a sweet guy. His name is Eddie. Then we ran into a woman while tracting that had met with missionaries and was very interested but they elders never came back so we set an apt for her too. Things like that have been happening all week! I know this is God's work and it is perfect. If we just listen to the spirit and open our mouths, it will happen. I love this work so much. I love the WORK. There is nothing like it and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing peoples lives changed because you listened to what God wanted you to do. It is never me but always God. This is HIS work and HIS glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. So we will do it HIS way. I love my Father in heaven so much for sending His son, Our Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him, none of this is possible. I owe my whole life to God! 18 months is just a part of it.

The baptism was sweet. One of the boys Taylor, who is a little crazy at times go into the font and was messing around until they started and everything got silent and the spirit was there. Then his father raised his hand and said, "Taylor Alex Griffin...” and Taylor said "what?" really loud. Everyone was laughing and we had to start all over again. We had never gone over with him what his dad was going to say so he thought his dad was calling his name cause he was messing around. It was just perfect. Taylor is unique and that baptism was definitely him. Jacob was sweet and prepared and ready. He knew what to do; he just wanted it to happen. It was just fantastic and almost the whole ward was there. This ward is just fantastic!

I love you all so much and I hope this week is amazing for you all. XOXOXOXO!~ I pray for you always and I feel your prayers every day as I go out and work my buns off. I love it!

~Your Sister Missionary



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