January 24, 2011

Go out and offend Satan.... January 24, 2011

That is so exciting that she is getting baptized! She may have doubts now but all those will leave when she chooses what she wants and then doesn't turn back. I have complete faith that she will be fine and she'll go through with it. That is a great letter and set of examples of the lies that Satan has to try and drag us down. It's like Mom's lesson that she was talking to me about. Satan tries to trick people into thinking he has all the answers and the power and he is nothing. He makes me so mad sometimes! But I also have to realize that because of that, I know the feeling of the very best of what God has to offer. We must have Satan to fulfill Gods plan, he just drives me crazy sometimes. My companion is so cute she told me about a talk given in the MTC about a woman who said that we want to wake up every morning and have Satan be so worried knowing we are awake to ruin his day. She said we must wake up every morning and think. "What can I do to offend Satan today?" I thought that was so awesome. I could go out and work and be happy and share the truth and that would just make him so mad. She said we do this because we are a temple attending Satan offending people and we will not give up or let him have it. It puts a whole new perspective to my days. I just love that!

I'm so excited for Nancy and Emma! How exciting! This will be a day the family never forgets. Take lots of pictures! ~

Oh I wrote mark a 7 page letter of my testimony and asking him to do a couple things. I did it my third transfer and got nothing back. I don't know if he got offended by what I said because I can be blunt but I just explained to him the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and the blessing it would be to take his wife to the temple. It was a long time ago that I wrote him. Maybe ask him and see if it made it there. Tell him I'm sorry if it came off wrong, I really can't remember all that I said.

Thank you for your e-mails. I love getting them!

I love you so much!!!
Your forever sister Pedersen

I'm so excited for Nancy and Emma. How exciting! And Kenny and McKenna get to go? That is awesome. I bet Kenny is freaking out. How fun! You owe me a trip one day, unless I go there for my next internship than you can come and visit me. The last time I think I was In Arizona, I remember sleeping on a sleeping bag on the floor and I was like 7. All I can remember is vaulted ceilings, so it's about time to go back, I think. Lol we'll whenever I get back.... lol

I think for the baptism you should sing "I know my redeemer lives" by Hillary Weeks. I really like that song and it really brings the spirit. That's what I sang at the last baptism. It was cool. Even a primary song with harmony can be very powerful. We have come to find that out on my mission. It is simple to the point and full of spirit. I think whatever you two sing will be great.

Mom I'm sorry that your neck and arm freaked out at you. That is really strange but I think it's true, God loves broken things so that he can rebuild back to the way he wants them. He is the master carpenter and although sometimes we do a good job, God can do so much better.

This week has been good. Every week is good. I'm doing the Lords work. This week was extra special because Elder Oaks came to speak to us for about 4 hours and it was totally sweet. I was second row. Looking straight into his eyes. Man they all look old on T.V. but they move around like there in their 20's. He is so funny and crazy! He is a great man and apostle of God. He truly is. I have never felt so blessed and privileged. I have met two apostles now. Elder Nelson and now Elder Oaks. He talked a lot about how to gain personal revelation. We have everything else in line in this mission, but what the mission needs now is personal revelation to go out and apply it to the people in the individual areas. Dad was talking about stake presidents and quorum of the 70 coming and going on tradeoffs to challenge people to come back to church or be baptized. They are doing it here too and we really are starting to see a change. I really feel the preparation in the lords coming. I can feel it now more than ever and I want to be ready for it and more importantly to be a part of it, even when I get home. I never want this to go away and it won't as long as I remain true. Elder oaks said that they may take my calling away from me but they cannot take my covenants that I have made. The work it still the same no matter the calling. The calling is just the keys to be over the work but the real calling comes with the covenants we make at baptism and in the temples. I thought that was amazing. It really helped me to see the connection to make when I do go home. I talk of home I guess because I was so scared to go home. I still am a little and I know most of you say not to worry. But every missionary does because the best thing that they have ever done in their life is over and now they don't know what to do next. Elder Oaks answered my question. It is still the same. The keys are different. I can still be the best servant of the Lord as a primary teacher as I can as a missionary. It was so wonderful. I love my mission with my whole heart and although I love you family, I'm not eager to come home to you yet. I truly have left my family and everything else behind so that another family can be together forever with theirs. I'm so excited for the Toms! This will change their life forever and I am so blessed to be a part of it! I love you family so much!

Go out and offend Satan today!

Love you're Forever Sister

(Excerpt from letter to Pres. Barry)

....We have had a member lesson every week with them and I really can see a difference between Eddie and them. Converts need to have friends already set before they are members so that they are not so attached to their missionaries. They have fit really well. I can see just how blessed we are to be teaching them because God has been teaching them and preparing them long before we ever got to them and I can see it. It’s just so amazing.

I love sister Hafslund so much. We work well together but I know she still has a lot of insecurities about how she teaches. We practice and talk about how I can help her and I see so much improvement in her and even when I tell her she doesn’t see it. I don’t know how to make her see what a great teacher she is and give her the confidence to take the lead in lessons. I look back on how I was when I first came out and I had the same apprehensions but I guess it just comes through study and learning for herself. She is just so amazing and so happy and positive all the time. It really is inspiring to me and she motivates me by how positive she is about the work.

We have talked to our members about member lessons and getting rides to appointments and the response has been about half and half. I feel we use the same woman every time and it's the same women that are being stretched thin in this branch with two to four callings. How do we ask for help without being a burden to the branch? They are the only ones that will help.

I love this branch so much and they do so much for us. I have been truly humbled by the way the branch continues to give to those around us, regardless of how the people perceive us to be.

Till next week,

Lots of love,
~Sister Pedersen



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