January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!! January 3, 2011

Sooo how are the papers for EFY coming? I hope that you are doing them cause if they don't get done and turned in now I can't go and I feel like I should, so I'm leaving it all in your hands. It's still a little cold here but I'm ok with scarfs, I have three. Thank you for the thought though. I loved the picture book you sent me. It was amazing. Seeing that picture of Christopher and I when we were young makes me want to cry. I don't know why. I think it's because when we would talk about Christopher going on a mission, I never thought I would be included in that. It's funny how God knows best. He was preparing me all along, I just had no idea.

Honestly, I have felt a little melancholy myself. I know you could probably tell through my letter without me saying anything. I don't know. This season is just so big in our family and so to have it without family seems a little empty, but I did feel like I was a part of it all when I was on Skype. I felt like I had never left. I don't know what it is about being on a mission that makes you feel so home sick sometimes and yet one Skype chat and everything is back to normal. I just guess when you are going through certain things you just need your family. Nothing else seems to help, and yet that is what the Savior is for. I have come to more effectively rely on the Savior because I have no one else to lean on.

I'm sorry if this is a waste of a letter. I just miss my family a bit. I was praying throughout the holidays to know how to not be so home sick, being as how this is now the longest I've ever been away from the family. Then in district meeting we talked about how we can use our Christmas, family experiences, etc. to propel us forward into this next year. It was so awesome! Answer to my prayers. I'm am trying to become the missionary God has intended for me to be and by doing so I hope that you see a change and the fire that comes from living the Gospel. Satan seems to like to wiggle his way through my thoughts and make me feel like I miss my family so much, I should just go home , but I would never go home. I love my family so much that I will never come home until I have given my all. My family is who I represent along with God and the church and I cannot quit until I drop and when I drop I will crawl and when that seems to wear me out I will drag myself and when my body is out of strength, I'll yell. I cannot stop. I was made to keep moving, everything is possible with God. I love him so much. He is my best friend. I have spent many nights in the arms of my Savior as I wet my pillow with my tears and I wake up grateful for his comfort. When I turn to him, I'm turning to my family. Through him I feel your love and your prayers. I cannot be a missionary without him. My heart and my mouth will forever praise him.

Thank you for your letter and I hope these pictures come through. I'll send them in another email. Oh we went to an island today for p-day so that's why this letter is so late. It's an all day trip. It was sweet! Oh and I got my hair cut. Hope you like it!

Love you all lots! I'll keep you in my prayers!

Love your sister Missionary~



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