January 10, 2011

Focused and doing the work!! January 10, 2010

Dad, thank you for the pictures. They were great. There were so many people at our house and Ethan is huge. He can't go on a mission. He is still too young. So weird. I feel so old.

Mom, don't worry. I'm just fine. Yes I think about home and what I'm going to do when that happens but I'm focused. It's hard not to think about it when that's all people ask you about, when are you going home? How much time do you have left? What are you going to do when you get home? Plus the fact that I have dreamed of coming home every night this transfer and wake up depressed to go home. I know Satan is working really hard on me but I'm kicking just as hard if not harder back. I won't allow him to take over my thoughts and the way that I work the rest of my mission. We have been working like crazy! This mission has a new focus of 900 baptisms and 80% retention. I know we can do it and it is going to be amazing. I may not be here the full year but I'm going to be here at least half of it and I will work like crazy and baptize a lot to account for that number and then help them on their way to the temple. I'm so excited!

Speaking about baptizing to the temple, we have two baptisms this weekend of two little boys from two different less-active families that are now coming back! It is so amazing. They are working toward being sealed in the temple with their families. It is so sweet. I like teaching kids. They are so close to the spirit. It's been an amazing experience! So pray that they go through. I know it's all in God's hands.

The EFY things kind of stinks but I know God put that thought into my head for a reason. I wasn't even thinking about home when it came into my head. I was actually singing a EFY Song in my head and I was thinking about Kenny and all the amazing experiences he has had and Shanna and I and then the thought came into my mind, you should do that when you go home and I realized it fit into my schedule so I thought I would see if that was possible. I'll definitely have to talk to my mission president. I know the Lord will provide if it doesn't work or even if it does. We will see, I'm not worried, just thought it would be cool.

The weather here is so cold! It's been in the 20's for the last two days. Then it will get up to 80 and drop to 20 again. People here are getting really sick and can't seem to get better because the weather won't stay the same. I have been really blessed not to get too sick, there have only been a couple times I have had really bad migraines but I've tried to drink lots of water and it's helped.

I am so excited about these baptisms. I love it when a Less active father that has come back to church is going to baptize his son. So amazing!

I love you all so much! Thank you for all the support!

With so much love! \
Your Sister Pedersen



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