March 11, 2010

Mommy! (March 8, 2010)

I love you!!! I hope you are doing so much better than the letter that i just received. That is such a bummer. You know what is funny I just wrote Shanna and told her that no matter how much pain you were in you would try to write me or start a project anyway. I do know you. It's way too funny. So when I saw your letter I almost wrote Shanna back saying I told you so. 
This week was not that good at all. We found some people to teach but still no baptisms! I hate it. Everyone has had a baptism except us. I really don't know what we are doing wrong but I think Satan is working very hard on me and sister Johnson. One thing that has changed is that I love her. We have so much fun and we really do the work. We talked in a British accent all day yesterday and today, and we sing in the car all the time. Sometimes she can get frustrated but I think it's because the district, zone leaders, and assistants call all the time to harass us about our no baptisms in one month!!!!! This is really sad but they say they call because they see potential. They say they don't bother with missionaries that don't try, or want to become better. I really get frustrated sometimes but I'm trying to be patient with myself. 

Oh tell the Coffman's that I love them like crazy and I'm so happy to get letters from them. The Zone leader harassed me saying that I'm just making up that the Coffman's are my family but that it must just be a boy that is stalking me, So i proved it to them by printing out a picture of them. It is now on my wall. Tell them I miss them and everyone for that matter, But my eye is still single to the glory of God. (it's really funny, cause anytime we come to a cute guy at a door or see a cute guy we say "is your eye single?" and we laugh and get on track. It's easy not to look at guys down here because most of them are missing there front teeth. lol ( and mom you know I'm a teeth person but apparently these people aren't.) Really people will makes their car payment and buy hair before they would ever pay for their light, water, home or dentist. people love their cars down here.. They have a fancy car and a broken down trailer. Weird. Well this letter is short because there isn't much to write but the pictures are on their way. I put them on a cd for you today.
I hope you know how much I love you and the entire family. You guys are such a support to me! I love hearing from you. And everyone needs to step up and take care of mom. That means no fighting! Clean like nobodies business cause you know mom will try to do it if you don't and we can't have that, so just do it. Work together and be the best family i know you are. I love you all!!!!
Kisses and hugs!
Your sister missionary



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