March 2, 2010

Chanelle's first letter from mission home

To my loving family, (There is nothing better than this!!)

Hey! I love you!

        It's amazing here. You talk about good solid missionaries? they are here in Florida. I'm going to have to be so much more than I am.  People here are crazy bold!! I can be bold if I need to, so I'm guessing the time has come to do so.
        We are here in the Presidents home with his beautiful wife who is so sweet! Oh, and the President is amazing! I feel like i"m close to him already. His two assistants are amazing stalwart men here to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ! I have never seen strength and power like this before.

        I'm suppose to be here. This is right!! We were going through the door approach and the assistants were giving us advice and sharing with us what it is like here and I felt like I did in Nauvoo, for a moment I wanted to cry. I can do this, I'm supposed to do this, and now I have to choose to do this and be the best Sister missionary they have ever seen.

        I need to love the people in a way I never thought before by bringing them through baptism. It's the only way!
I'm going to make the Pedersen family proud! (I'm safe here. This is where the Lord wants me to be.)

                                                           I love you all,

                                                        ~Your Sister Pedersen


Kay said...

Dear Channelle, aka the amazing Sister Pedersen!

I'm glad people around there are crazy bold! That's what the Lord needs, crazy bold sister's like you who aren't afraid to share their testimonies with the rest of the world! Your smile and enthusiasm will be contiguous and hopefully they'll want to know why.

I'm glad that you are so happy serving. Keep up the good work! Kay


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