March 2, 2010

Mommy! Holy cow is right!! (March 1, 2010)

I love you~

lol~ So to clarify, yes they mean for the whole mission. It is more like a sacrifice i could give up or spend less time and worries about but i don't have to. It's more of an option. But this month is called Miracle March Madness so we have special sacrifices for this month. No eating out at all, we work from 10am to 9pm with no going home. (so that means packing a lunch) Then there is no music in the apartment but you can in the car but me a my comp. don't because it's harder to be directed by the spirit if there is music playing.(but we sing in the car all the time) and no writing or e-mailing friends, just family. I told you, it's crazy down here. I can still receive e-mails and letters from friends I just won't be able to write back to them till April. ;) 

 This work is amazing and miracles still happen today and will happen this month. This week has been hard but it has only strengthened my testimony in what i believe. "Nothing will stop the work from progressing..." This means nothing, so if I have to give up everything to know and follow Christ like Job did than I will for i will receive a hundred fold in return. "I am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what i say, ye have no promise." When I am obedient God has to keep his promise to me. I need those blessings and i cannot afford for one person to miss out on this gospel because I decided not to obey. This is the hardest most stretching (and yes Tanner it is a stretch ;) ) thing I have ever done in my life. It is wonderful. I'm still expecting a letter from Shanna, BreAnne and Elicia.

My companion's name is sister Johnson.(or Lauren Johnson) she's from Utah and we both are working on the sarcasm but we have gotten along very well this week. I'm starting to get her little quirks so we are all good here. Plus we serve each other a lot so we have learned to love each other. Oh last night we had a girls sleep over with the other sisters and it was a blast!

I really have not gotten to know my bishop. We don't work very close with him except for our meetings on Thursday and Sunday for PEC. He seems like a really nice guy and me and my comp. are trying to find a way to serve him to become closer with him. But we are still working on that. Our members are really nice here. There is a guy here, Brother Adams who totally reminds me of the Coffman's dad with overalls and everything. He always asks us if he can bring us food or send us with something. He is a really big guy. He's like 7` tall and just big. but very sweet. We are not allowed to have dinner apt. here unless a non-member is present. So that weight I thought i would gain... won't be happening on this body, thank goodness!

I'm all good here. I could always use prayers. This week has been really hard. We had two baptism cancellations and no one showed up for church at all. It was so sad. I'm trying to make the best of it and know this month will be even harder, but i'm really up for the challenges and  miracles to start to take place. Our goal for this month is 200. so we have to work our butts off, pray like crazy and see the lords work and glory take place. it's wonderful. 

Oh and Mom nothing can stop ME from singing. I sing all the time. I just dont listen to music. Oh but talks are ok so if you have any great talks from anyone send me a CD of them because I-pods are not allowed here. I would love that. Oh and i'm not sure if you have heard this talk before but the kids would love it. I love it! It's called "The conversion of a catholic." I love it and it shares such great insights to missionary life.

I'm going to try to finish the CD today but i dont have a lot of time. We went bowling today with the entire zone. It was a blast. Our zone leaders are awesome. I think I talked about them before but the younger one is Elder Osborn and the older one that is leaving at the end of this transfer is Elder Hendrickson. they are so awesome together, like TNT. I was having a really hard day and the elders went on exchanges with us so you split off boy girl and go on opposite sides of the street and tract. I was with Elder Hendrickson. We talked for a bit and then he asked why I came on a mission. So i told him the long story and it started raining outside and it was so perfect. I felt like God really loved me. I was telling my story and I relized why i came out and what i'm doing here and it is all for God and then it rained and it was just lovely. Elder hendrickson always knows what questions to ask so that I fix problems myself. He's awesome and Elder osborn just makes me laugh. See there are TNT! I love them! (Dont worry Mom I'm not falling for anyone here. I'm on the Lords errand.) 
I'm so happy you sold the house! That is awsome! I'm also so happy the boy's are doing good. I love every single one of you! Mckenna, i need another picture. I love you all so much.

I do have a car and it is nice. I can't drive it cause i'm not senior comp. but thats ok. I love being co-pilot. We rode our bikes once and i didn't like it much I felt like an idiot so we wont be doing it again anytime soon. This gospel is true! I love it with all my heart and am giving up everything for it. Be obedient! I love you all and miss you like crazy!
your sister missionary~

P.S. The Coffman's are so cute. I got there package today and i hope the apples are still good, but it was a really sweet thought! I love them to death and the house looks amazing so tell them thanks for everything they have sent me. They are like family so i need to write them back. I'm so happy for them!

I love you like crazy and am trying hard to make the family and my father in Heaven proud. My name tag reminds me of that every day. I love you!

Your missionary!



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