February 10, 2011

No letter to Mom... :( February 6, 2011

To Shanna,

I LOVE >>>>>KENNY. lol I love you too but that was your last post and I had to comment about how much I love him too. I sent him a Florida t-shirt and a letter. I hope he likes it. He is so amazing! Love him. Ok so your eyes are so gorgeous!

I hope the doctors figure something out because it's not normal to be sick all the time. Maybe if they figure what is wrong there, it might give some answers to why you haven't been able to get pregnant yet. I'll pray for you extra strong. I pray for you all the time. I really look up to you. I can't believe that you continue to go to work and push through it no matter what you go through and how sick you feel. You are so strong! I was sick with a head cold and put myself to bed. Sad, Next time I should say to myself.. What would Shanna do? then go to work. lol. I know that would be you. You are so awesome and do so many fun things. you are so creative and put a light into people’s lives. You are so amazing.

The branch here is great. They are loving and they serve everyone. aobut 80% of the ward is over 50. It is awesome. so we are like there grand kids and or older kids so they spoil us like crazy.

When we teach people that we have the truth, they think, well are you saying your better than me? We say no, of course not, what we are saying is that the religion that you are in is great and has taught you great things and has prept you to be where you are right now to except the full truth of the Gospel. We strive to be blunt in our mission but still be loving. If we can't show love, we are showing pride and that is not how Jesus Christ would have taught nor how we should teach.
Thank you so much for your letter. I can really see a change in the family and in our immediate family. If the improvements of our family are from the blessings of a mission, I may not ever come home. lol.

One tip I have learned, get a small portion of food the first time so that when they force seconds you can take it. I made the mistake of taking one portion of food and it was a good size portion and then said no to a second and the lady said, "you all make me feel bad like I didn’t cook it good enough. are you sure you don’t want seconds?" I was like what! I then took a second helping, so full I could have thrown up and then complimented her about it the rest of the night. People are so funny. Note to you: when feeding the missionaries, don't force seconds but take in account that if there are not talking, they like it. lol

I love you lots and miss you like crazy!!!!!!! Think of you and Adam everyday. Stay safe and warm. I love you both!

All my love~
~ Your sister Pedersen



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