February 25, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

Oh my goodness! I did write you! How sad! I wrote you a lot too. Well I explained everything in my letters and answered all your questions. And yes the Toms are the cute old couple in the picture and yes they did get baptized. Lol man I'm sad you didn't get my letter, but I sent it to you again so you now have two to make up the difference.

This week has been a little bit slower but that is ok. We are knocking doors and finding as many people to talk to as we can. We have been doing an atonement reading this week in order to prep. for a Zone conference that we are going to have. Have learned a lot and most the time feel completely unworthy for what Jesus Christ has done for me. Yet I know by not accepting him I cannot enter the kingdom of God and I would be ignoring this beautiful gift he has given me. I have learned that even though I work hard and I set goals and are driven to them, I'm also prideful thinking "I can do it all myself, I'm strong enough for this." then I try to do it by myself and fall flat on my face. I cannot do anything without my Savior by my side. I do nothing in this world save it be because of my savior and for my God and all Glory is to him, not me. I didn't do a thing. One of the things that I hate the most is when people congratulate me on a baptism. I didn't do anything. I just happened to be there. The spirit is the one that gave me the teachings to send to their souls so that we could teach them together. I do nothing without Him. In fact there is a scripture that says "if you have not the spirit, ye shall not teach." so how can it be me? I have really been humbled by the grace Jesus offers me. There is a chapter in mosiah when King Benjamin is talking about service to your fellow men. There a verse that says that it is God that gives to the very breath you breath to be able to do his work, so even if we serve him all our days, it isn't enough because he provided us the way to do the work, so we are still in debt. I love that! It really proved to me that I'm never good. Meaning when we go to knock on someone's door and tell them that we represent Jesus Christ and then share a message and then ask if they want to come closer to him, they say "I'm Christian and have been saved since..... I'm good." It makes me want to grab their shoulders and shake them. We are never good where we are at. We must continue to progress and become better and the only way to do that is through Jesus Christ. Oh man, it was just so amazing! I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father so much! I have learned so much this week. So even though our finding pool hasn't grown much, my spirit to find has. This week was amazing. It really goes to show me how important my morning studies are to my weeks. They really can make or break your weeks, months, and mission.

I hope the family is doing well. I pray for the family every night and love and miss them like crazy. I love Christopher so much. I can see how he has grown into a man and it weird's me out sometimes. lol I still want him to be my skinny, raspy voiced little boy that I call kiley. I miss him so much. I see how hard he is working and I see the blessing and growth that come from it. Love him!

I'll talk to you next week. Sorry this is short!

Love your sister Missionary~



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