February 25, 2011

I know my Redeemer lives! February 21, 2011

Mommy you should not be checking this, you're sick, go lay back down and sleep. I sent it to dad so that he can read it to you. I love you so much and you are in my prayers. Oh did you get my last letter and the one I re-sent you? Oh and are you going to send me a package so that I can memorize the Jesus the Christ with you? When you feel better of course.
I love you!!! Feel better
your forever daughter and Sister Missionary~

My poor sick little mommy and McKenna! How sad. I felt so bad for them. People have been sick like crazy here too. There is a woman in our branch name sister Chapman; she is in her 70's? She is so much like mom, going going and never giving up until God makes her sick so that she can rest and slow down. Well she is sick this week too with the flu (actually bronchitis and a sinus infection) like mom. It's funny because she got sick the same day as Mom. I don't know why they push themselves till they brake but I guess it's because mom is a strong woman and knows how much she thinks her body can handle. I'll be praying for both McKenna and mom. Oh I sent McKenna a letter. I hope you get it. That might make her feel better. Oh Dad that picture was so perfect. Sad but perfect. This week was so good! We had an atonement reading last week and then had a conference about the atonement on Tuesday. It was so amazing. Sister Hafslund and I sang "I know that my redeemer lives." we sang it without music. It was good but I was nervous because our ride was 45min. late so we missed the beginning and I got car sick and then had to get up to sing but it went great. My voice was still a little shaky but oh well. I'm trying to sing as much as possible, even though singing in a church setting always makes me nervous. I'm making my weak things strong in Christ. lol

The meeting was just so perfect. I really can't explain it all, but I'll send my presidents letter to kind of explain what I learned.
I'm glad mom did so well on her singing. It seems to me that she is always sick right before she is about to perform. It happens almost every time. I think Satan knows how important music is and how many people mom can touch by sharing her testimony though her voice. I want to see that play so bad. I've never seen it. I was always at school. I love what you said about the 5 wise. It's true you cannot give your testimony away. I hope that I'm gaining all the oil I can out of this experience. I want to be so much more than I am and the only way that will happen is through the atonement. That I know to be true. I can do nothing of myself. The toms are doing so good! They have bought quads and palm stuff or are they called e-readers. Anyways, they are so converted. I love them so much! We talk to them about the temple on Friday. I'm so excited. I want to come back when they go through the temple. That are awesome! Eddie got baptized this weekend. He was a little nervous before so we held off till this Sunday. It went really well. He was in a car accident when he was young and suffered some brain damage, so he's a little slower but he has a growing testimony. He just needs more fellowship. He will be just fine.
Oh my gosh, I hit my year mark in the mission on Friday. Crazy huh! I didn't do anything fun for it but my trainer sister Johnson who goes home in 7 days!!!! Called me to reminisce about old days and the first time she saw me and my first door and all of that. It has been one crazy ride! I loved every minute of it and have so many more experiences to go. I love my mission! Man I encourage everyone to come. There is nothing like this. The world cannot duplicate an experience like this, which is why I'm giving it my all because I only have a bit left. Before I blink I'll be home, so I think I'll just close my eyes. Ha-ha.
I love you family so much! And thanks Dad for writing and giving me all the info. Tell Mom that it's ok that she didn't write because I know how sick she is. She needs her rest. I would say kiss and hug them for me but I think it may be best to stay away; they need at least one parent. I love you!
Until next week!



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