August 2, 2010

A Dog!!! August 1, 2010

Oh man you can't let mom get rid of the dog! I was going to buy one when I got home and now I don’t have to! Dogs are everywhere here and I love it! It makes me want one more and more. Please mom let the dog stay!!!! The boys need a dog. I have been saying this for years have I not? And the next door neighbor killed mine so we have to have another one plus the boys will have the responsibility and give them something to do. Oh man and he is inside! I LOVE IT Mom we have to keep him! I love him already!

Ok so I’m staying in Orange Park but my companion is being transferred! I don’t know what I’m going to do. I still don’t know the area and I might be put into a three sum. The last three sum we had the girls killed each other seriously! It was really bad so I’m hoping everything will be just fine and it will end up being one big slumber party. My companion that I have now Is the one that was in a three sum so maybe I’ll get some advice from her. I have to do a lot of damage control with her because she has been torn from the last transfer and the ones before but she is all good now. Way more outgoing and talkative and all I did was love her. Love is really the key to everything!

This week has probably been one of my hardest weeks. It has been really crazy and we don’t have a teaching pool anymore because we had to drop them all because they are all lame. It makes me really sad because Marc was suppose to get baptized this Sunday and then dropped off the face of the earth. We can't get a hold of him ever. We stopped by 4 times on Sunday and called and left messages and nothing! Oh man. He is ready though so if anyone talks to him or if God wants us to go back we will because he needs this so much! It just makes me sad. Oh well. So last week was weird but this week will be so much better. I just know it and then I’ll write and tell you who my new companion or companions are. It is going to be so good.

We went to the beach today for our p-day and it was so amazing! I wanted to swim in it because it is so warm but I’m ok with just getting my feet wet. We watched the sun come up. We left really early in the morning to see it and don’t worry we got permission to go and a member to drive us so it was a blast. Then we went out to breakfast and Elder Izatt who leaves on Wednesday paid for all our districts breakfast because he has like $200 dollars on his pross card. He is really sweet. I'm going to miss him. Oh and everyone else is staying here with me, Oh but elder Carty who is one of my favorites (he's Spanish speaking) he just found out he was being transferred today, I guess they are still readjusting the Spanish. This next transfer will be interesting. We shall see.

I miss dancing a lot! I danced a little on the beach today with my comp. but it wasn't the same. When i get home I’m going to go crazy with dance. lol I can't believe they came to Medford! Oh man that would have been so amazing! I'm glad you took grandma. Then she can see what I do. It's weird the things you miss when you are out here. The smell of home, clean good fresh tasting water, hugs, dancing, music and my loud, crazy family. I love you all so much! Thank you for all you support and prayers. I'm still loving it here in Florida!

Your sister missionary~
Sister Pedersen



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