August 18, 2010

I love my companions!! August 16, 2010

So are teaching pool is still really small but with the three of us working together I'm hoping it will triple. We have some investigators that will be potentially sweet. I'm hoping for a lot more. We are working a lot with members and although it is slower that I'm use to, I'm loving it. Our members are amazing and I'm so surprised about how many I didn't know and still don't know because they are in different classes. It makes it hard to get to know the members when the only chance you have to get to know them is through relief society, in sacrament meeting you don't get to know people because everyone come 20 min. late. no joke and then we teach gospel principles and only new members or our gators come to that so relief society is our saving grace but even then we only have about 1/4 of the woman there. Dinners are helping a lot with that and the elders are helping us to get to know the brethren in the ward, so it's a slow process that is going to take off and fly! I'm excited for when i get to see that day. We help out with ward activities like the pioneers activity last Saturday was a blast, A woman in our ward made us all costumes and I felt like I was in Nauvoo again. I loved it. We had a program that we did and me and another elder played/ read a part in someone's life story to explain what they went through. It was so neat. (I don't think I have ever said that word before. The mission is making me weird. lol)

I love my companions! We are working together really well and have come to find that the people who have a hard time in a three companionship is because they don't know how to let things go. One things that i am having a hard time with is giving both of them the attention and love and time that they deserve. I'm finding it hard not favoring one more than the other but i know once i do that is where the tension will start. I do love both of them; I just get along more with one than the other. We laugh all the time. That is the key to this companionship. Laugh, have fun, be a duck, set goals, and work as a team with everyone pulling each others and their own weight. This transfer is going to be so good. I'm so excited! I have so much to learn from both of them! They have both been out way long. Sister Baker has only one more transfer after this one before she goes home and sister curly (who we call curls) has been out a year. I can learn so much from them. I am already learning a lot. Sister Baker is always so positive and sister curly studies the scriptures more than any comp I have had. They are both so amazing. I'm going to try and send you pictures but they say they don't work here so sorry if it doesn't work.

Oh and where is Christopher's letter? I guess you'll have to send me two next week. Oh and guess who's birthday is coming up...... mine!! Crazy! Just think I'll be home for my next birthday_ that's weird but I'm going to be 22!!! That is strange... I'm getting lol I love you all so much!

Until next letter~ love you
Love your sister missionary

P.S. the quote was perfect you always know what to send me, thank you!



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