July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

Ok Ok enough of that~ This week has not been super exciting. We have been working with members and doing a lot of less-active work. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that because our mission used to be anti-member work because the members thought we were going to fast so we left them out all together unless they were willing to go the speed that we were going. Now that we have a new President we are working ourselves back into the wards. This is going to be amazing and we will baptise a lot this way but I feel awkward. I have never once used members in our missionary work before where I have served, but we are starting now and this is the perfect ward  to do it in. This ward is amazing and we have strong members, not a lot seeing as how over half the ward is less active but the ones that have stayed are tuff as nails and they will be a great asset to this work. I'm excited for the challege and look forward to the time where it will be a natural flow to work with the members. I got a call from the assistants this morning and usually when they call you it is not a good thing or they want to go on a trade or see what is wrong with you, so I kind of freaked out, but on the other end was Elder Maxwell congratulating me and my comp. on baptizing. Orange Park has not seen baptisms since I think January or February. I was so shocked. Sister Waddups who has become one of my favorites and I sat on the bed with the silliest smiles on our faces. He asked me how I did it and honestly I don’t know because I didn’t do anything. I got up on time, we get out and stay out and work till it's time to come home. Elder Maxwell seemed shocked. I think he was expecting a better answer or a method that I used. I told him "prayer, faith and work." lol he said, “huh, well congrats keep doing good things.” lol. Oh man I love the Lord with all my heart and truly I had nothing to do with it, it was all in the lords timing, I just had a new outlook because I have never been here plus with faith in the Lord, anything and everything is possible. I love this work with all my heart and I'm sorry this is short but this week is the last week before we get transfer calls so we will see if I’m safe or not. We might have a baptism this weekend so pray for Marc so he'll get baptized; he needs it so badly. So next week’s letter will either be really exciting or really depressing lol. Either way it will be good. Love this work!!!!!

Love you so much!!!!!!

Love your sister missionary



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