July 19, 2010

Success!!! July 19, 2010

Mom I love you so much. You have no idea how much that has made my day. The baptisms went through and they were beautiful. Alice wasn't going to go through with it because her son was in bad health but through a lot of prayer and love she did. Vincent was so cute, he had to be dunked 4 times but he was laughing the whole time. I guess it takes four times to wash all those sins away. Lol, he is so cute. He put his hands on his head when they went to confirm him. lol he doesn't speak much English so that is how we would show him what receiving the holy ghost would be like and then when he sat in the chair he put his hands on his head and said, ok I'm ready. lol so cute!!! They explained to him and I recorded the blessing and it was amazing. Just beautiful and everything he needed to hear. He was promised a job if he continued to do what was right. The person giving the blessing didn't know he didn't have a job. It was so amazing! God truly knows his children.
Alice Cried through her entire baptism and she loved it. I love her so much. She said that she was so happy that she did it. They were both small baptisms but the spirit filled every empty seat. They were beautiful. I'm so blessed to be a missionary.

Kenny I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought about you a lot today; this morning actually. I can't wait till I come home and have time to spend with just you and me and teach you everything I have learned before you go out on your mission. You have no idea how proud I am of you. I love you more than life itself. You have been preparing for EFF and I know you will find amazing experiences there.

I had a horrible dream that my mission had ended and that the entire family came to pick me up here and we went out to eat at a restaurant. The waitress asked me what the special occasion was and i said, "well I'm a missionary from the...." and as I went to point at my name tag (like I usually do to explain the church, my name tag was not there.) Then I explained to her, "well I used to be a missionary." The worst feeling sunk into my soul and for a moment I felt what it will be like not to be a missionary anymore. In the dream I started to cry and Dad held me and you leaned on me and told the waitress to bring some waters. I did not like that dream at all!!!!! I love being a missionary and I cannot waste a moment of it! I don't ever want to stop being a missionary and I'm so glad that I have a year left but at the same time so few moments. I love it here! Tell everyone and there dog that I love them and hug and kiss the kids and Dad for me.
~love your sister missionary~



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