February 11, 2010

No Time!

I have hardly any time to write but here it goes. There is a letter coming to you but it is addressed to Christopher because it is his letter and he will share with you some of the things I have said but some of it is personal and if he wants to share it he can. I miss all of you like crazy. a lot has happened here at the MTC. three to five different districts came in and out of the building this morning. One of them holding is Elder Beaulieu Leaving for baltimor. It was crazy to see him. He is all grown up. He is was across the hall from me and I saw him daily. We took pictures that will come to you soon. I have also seen sister Susan Swanson, and Rachael Schwartz who are living in my building. She just got here this week. I have also seen two other people an elder and a sister from my dance team tweo years ago. it's weird how many poeple i know here.

Oh mom this is very important I need to have my immunizations faxed not mailed to the mission office here at the MTC or I can't go on my mission because I need a shot and they don't know which one, so do that as soon as you can. it has to be in by Tuesday so I can have the appointment Wednesday. Also, what happened to the undershirts? I'm dying here. Actually I'm so cold I need every layer I packed which is not very many. so cold!!!! Tell everyone I love them. I'm sorry Dad I haven't forwarded this to you because it will kick me off and I will lose the e-mail. This computer is timed.

But you will be jealous Elder deter F. Utchdorf came to speak to us my first week and Richard R. Hinckley came the second week!!!! It was amazing. They both talked about being a duck. Christopher will have to explain that one to you from his letter. They also talked about being the best you can be and get up and go to work. totally awesome!! I loved it. and yes Mom I'm taking notes and soaking it in. I have a another devotional tonight so I'll have to tell you who comes tonight. Oh and I leave the MTC the 17th at 4 in the morning and on the plane at 6. Crazy. I'm NERVOUS AND CAN'T BELIEVE IT! This is an amazing work! I love it so much i dont want to leave. I'm loving to learn everything but I'll learn alot more serving the people of Florida. I'm excited! I still love my companion and I found a lifelong friend in her. Mom she is on face book. her name is Talitha Cutler. She said you can find her and look at pictures. she's awesome.

The temple is amazing here. I get to go again today after this. I love the temple so much. If you can't go on a mission go to the temple. I wish i could live there and maybe someday I will. I love this work and I have grown and learned more here than ever in my entire life!

For Christopher and Kenny; be a duck, work together love each other and serve each other. Learn this now so when you get out here it will be a piece of cake.

Oh I have a calling as the new coordinating sister. i'm in charge of all the sisters in my zone. It's so fun, even though there are only four, we have only elders coming in. 16 to be exact! I'm loving it.
I'm up at 5:30 every morning exercising and you should be proud because I hate it! lol. it's a struggle but at least i'm not getting fat. lol.

Tell McKenna to send me pictures I love her, the boys are awesome and I can't wait to get their letters. I love you all and pray for you day and night!

your sister and daughter,
Sister Pedersen

P.S. tell me about the Coffman's!
Oh and e-mail me my mission home address I didn't write it down to give to people.
Dad I love you!!!!!!!!!!! Mom you know I do.... lol



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