February 19, 2010

Last Day (Feb. 16th 2010)

Well i sent a big long letter to you and it deleted it because the computer decided to refresh itself~ Stupid!! I dont have enough time to write you so.. i dont know what to do.

I love you all. I got your package and loved it.
Please go on my facebook and find Heidi Quiel and tell her I would like if she could write me. I need her address.
I leave tomorrow morning at 4 am and I don't know if they still allow people to call home because someone told me we couldn't, so we'll see. I should be in Florida at 2:30 because we have a layover in Atlanta. I hope i get to call home so I can just tell you what my letter said. lol
I have loved my time here and am sad to leave but find that i'm excited to go as well. Some people hate it here but it's all in the attitude.

Christopher, your going to love it here. We have a new set of two districts and i love them already. Our other half of the district left on Monday so me and my comp. have been here for two days alone. I was sad at first but i feel if they didn't go first it would have been harder to leave here without them so it's a little mercy from the Lord.

Oh our last speaker was C. Scott Grow, He was good but i'll have to write you what he said later cause I dont have time but i love you all and tell sister Hokanson and the Coffman's that I'll write back soon.

Shanna I love you!!! I hope you know how much i think about you while i'm here. There are so many sister missionaries that remind me of you. It makes me instantly love them.
Oh i sleep with the butterfly every night and think of home cause it smells like you. (home) Please take to heart what i wrote in the letter home. It would mean alot to me if you would and it would help our family.

"Dont let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved" President Erying

Tyler should totally come teach here~ He would love it and you get paid.

I love you all thank you for your support!!!!!



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