February 2, 2010

My First Letter!

Just so this blog is easier to read I will be putting quotations around Chanelle's letter. Today someone from the MTC called my mom for something and mentioned how Chanelle absolutely LOVES being a missionary. We all couldn't be more happy for her. The sister that called my mom also bore testimony over and over again of how incredible a mission really is and how you are effecting more people than you will ever know. She said her family has grown so close while she has been serving a mission. I know that through Chanelle's mission our family will grow closer and the love of the Lord will penetrate our hearts.

"I only have 20 min's because I had to set up my account so I'm sorry if this is short. To start off, I LOVE MY COMPANION!!!! her name is Sister Cutler, she is so cute. She is a mix of four people. Sheryl Robinson, Corrine Hudson, Sister Bennion and me. imagine that! Crazy Fun!! She is funny. We laugh all the time and have great conversations together. Did I mention that she is 29. She doesn't look like it at all! She is from Utah and strong willed, but that makes her a hard worker and strong in what she believes in. My District is the same if not better. We have four elders and four sisters. I guess that is very small compared to some, but it is fun. There is are district leader Elder Inman and his companion Elder Anderson. they are the strong one's in the group. On time, always planning and thinking of ways to improve. I could learn a lot from them and continually do. Next is Elder Van Dyke and Elder Lancaster. They are the quiet ones in our district. next is Sister Stolp (yes, stop but with an L) and her comp. Sister Edwards. It used to be a three some with sister Stolp because sister Edwards was sick but then she Came in and took her away from us. lol She is the quiet one out of the sisters. and when I say quiet, I mean normal.

I love it here and am having a lot of fun learning and growing in the gospel. There are so many things that I wish I knew before, so Christopher, I'm making out a list for you. I have three other roommates that are learning Spanish so they are talking in Spanish all the time. So I guess I get my language part of the mission in a small way. They are awesome girls. They leave after I leave and they have been here longer than me. I don't think I could have lasted that long here. I love it here but I feel like I have already been here a month. The first day seemed like three! It was weird. there is so much to take in everyday. I'm now getting the hang of it.

I have to go but I will write a letter also with this e-mail. I love everyone of you and pray for you day and night. This gospel is true and it is amazing to see the growth you find in just one week. The mission president, President Smith says, "all the learning you will do here would have taken you 47 years to gain otherwise." I could not believe it. I have such a testimony of this gospel and what it does for people in their life. Teach others to come to Christ by being obedient to his work and share the gospel. He needs each and every one of us. He cannot do his work without us. If you feel you can't talk to random people, go to the temple. There are blessings in every aspect of this gospel no matter where you work or serve. You will bless someone's life just by being you ."

I'm still trying to work out the kinks in this blog so bare with me. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at: ShannaNeilsen@gmail.com. If you want her address add her as a friend on facebook or e-mail me.


The Neilsen Family said...

Okay, so I got a few e-mails about not being able to comment on here...but I just did so I hope everyone can now.

Jacque said...

Awesome! How exciting to hear about MTC life. It sounds like it is not only a Mission Training Center but a Life Training Center. can't wait to read more.
P.S. maybe your next companion will be a bit like me and then you will know what heaven is like. ;)

Kristi said...

Hey Jacque...I think she might already be in heaven. Each day seems like THREE days. I have heard countless moms wishing and even PRAYING for a few more more hours in the day...boom have a companion like Kristi Bennion and it happens.


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