April 18, 2011

Time is going by WAY to FAST!! April 18, 2011

Ok holy snot time is going by way too fast and I hate it! I can't believe its coming. Maybe if I sink into a dark hole when my two transfers are up they will forget I was here and then I can continue to be a missionary. I can't believe it. I felt like I just talked to you guys at Christmas and it seems as if two weeks have gone by and now we will talk again. Weird! I will only have two months left when I talk to you on the phone. Ok Ok this is enough freaking out for now. I'm excited to talk to the family though. McKenna is so stinkin cute! Because I'll still be in this area, I can still Skype you again. Would you want to do that?
I'm so excited for Christopher. It's hard to go from really poor neighborhoods to rich ones but I think it will be so good. He seems like he likes his comp. a lot and they will do well together. I can't believe Christopher said he is a talker. He has completely come out of his shell. I know he wasn't super quiet around the family but he would not be the first person to ask a stranger where the bathroom is either. I hope he sees how much he has changed. He is so amazing! I brag about him all the time to my comp. But he is a stud! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited that he gets to serve with sisters!!! He will love it. lol Sisters aren't always the best but most of the time they are. lol. jk sometimes we can be drama but I've talked to a lot of Elders and they said they like to have the mix of sisters and Elders together. It is so much fun! Plus sisters have a different way of looking at things than elders do and visa versa (ok I didn't spell that right but you know that I mean) Oh my gosh I LOVE my mission!

I can't believe Shanna and Adam are home! For some reason I feel like I should be home with them. Probably because they weren't going to get home till after me but because Adam is a stud they got it all done early. So where are they staying? That is so funny that Adam got a black eye. All he needs is some tattoos and he'd look like a scrapper. Perfect for the job. loll. I'm so excited to see them! BreAnne was telling me that they would be home for the break. I bet They loved it. Bronson is a little quiet but he is so funny once you get to know him and he is more of a water sport guy which is still perfect for BreAnne because she loves them too. I Think he can play sports, I just don’t think he thinks he's too good at them. But he played sports with us at school. I'm glad I know him. It would be weird if I didn't. I'm so excited to be there for her wedding! It's still weird’s me out. But I’m so excited for her! Wait so when is the family reunion? Is that in August too? oh my gosh I’m going to be 23! I'm so old. One of the elders here just turned 21 and I was making fun of him about his old age, and then he asked how old I will be this year and I about freaked. I realized I will be a part of the old crowd when I go to school. That is so weird. Most of my dance partners will be preemies.

Ok so mom when you were explaining the R.S. luncheon I almost about died laughing. You said that it was a pioneer theme. That is totally what we eat here for every meal and definitely for special occasions. lol so speaking of special food. We are going to have what we call a low country boil. You can look it up on line but let me tell you it's amazing! I have been waiting for one my whole mission and never got one. I would always be taken out of an area before they would have one. So I decided that I would just plan one so that I would have one for sure. We are inviting the whole ward and all who wants to come. It is going to be missionary based. We are going to give a 15-30 min. lesson and then we will eat and play games. It's going to be so fun. This branch hasn't had an activity in forever so we are doing one because it really brings a branch together plus it's more likely that Less actives will come to a party instead of church, which is sad but it's a start to fellowshipping in the right direction. Oh ok so the food it shrimp, crab, meats, and corn and potatoes all put in a pot with a special seasoning and they are put on a "low boil" all day until they are perfect. I'm so excited! I may be too hyper for this and it could be really bad but it's the south... how bad could it be.

Alright, I’m all over the place but I guess I’m just super excited for this transfer. My new companion is amazing! I love her so much already. She is a strong teacher and a talker like me. She is always smiling and when she's excited she screams. It is so stinkin cute. She is also very loud but in a fun way, not obnoxious. She is just so awesome! We get along every well and have the same idea about things. We agree that having open communication and zero drama by letting the little things go, are the way to a happy, fun, transfer. Oh her name is Sister Amy Surtees. She is from Indiana. Now that one I’ve never heard before. She said that this town is exactly like home and that it really freaks her out. She just came from serving in Gainesville and then came to Hicksville. Which is exactly what I did. It's a very hard adjustment but she is doing so well. I'm learning a lot from her and our studies together are great. I hope that I get to keep her for my last transfer. She would really help me not to get trunky I think. Not like I'm trunky to go home but it helps to have a really hard worker alongside you to do the work. This transfer is going to be sweet!

Thank you for the package ahead of time. I'll probably get it on Thursday. This work is so great! I have been praying a lot to know what I should be doing with this knowledge that the lord has given me, after my mission. and really just because the name tag comes off, doesn’t mean that the spiritual one comes off too. I may not be a messenger but I’m still a disciple that represents him because I still hold his name on my chest, close to my heart that will never leave. I love this work and it will always continue on.

Love you all so much! xoxoxoxox
Love your Sister Missionary~



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