April 12, 2011

Choose what you love; Love what you choose. April 11, 2011

OK family, firsts things first, I didn't get transferred but my companion did! I am going to miss Sister Hafslund so much!!!!! She was so much fun! and a spiritual Giant! I'm so sad to see her leave and so are the members of this branch. She has been here six months and this was her first area so she has never moved. She is freaking out a bit and is way nervous but she will be perfectly fine. She is a good teacher and loves everyone she talks to. She has such a light about her and she really shows the joy of the gospel. I'm going to miss her loud singing, and laughing for no reason. Or when I ask her something and she forgets the moment that she remembers. We have so many good memories. She has become like my sister. We have had a blast and worked hard together and improved together. I really will miss her but she needs a new area and a change so she can grow even more. I would be lying to say I'm not nervous for a new companion. There really is no reason to be but the ward is so attached to sister Hafslund that they don't want anyone else. We have a LA family that said if they don't like the new girl than we can't come over as much. I would say that I was kidding about that but he was serious. I trust in the Lord. He knows what the people here need and I love all the sisters here so I'm not worried about me, Poor thing; I hope she knows when she comes that the people will give her a hard time for a bit just to test her and then they'll quit. I'm already praying for her, who ever she is.

Oh and Dad the talk on Marriage could still apply to me, I may not be married to my comps but I still have to live with them and still do a great work. We may not be bringing up children, but we certainly are bringing in children. Sister Hafslund was asking me about my areas and companions and which was my favorite or worst and I really couldn't pick. I have loved them all and if it was hard or if there were things I didn't like in a comp they were things I loved and missed about them when I was no longer with them or in the area. It so true, I do choose the things that I love and when it gets hard I need to continue to love what I have chosen. I chose to come on a mission because I loved God enough to give my will and obey him. Now that I'm here I need to love what I have chosen. If I don't I'm not really showing that I love my Father in Heaven. I know that's a funny way to think of it, but still true.

I applied everything to myself at conference. I'm sorry that this upcoming week will be so crazy but it looks like you have already had one. I'm sorry you all got so sick. That is so funny that you all had to take turns being sick in the bathroom. It reminds me of a story from my mission ;) (Yep, starting already) I probably already told you this story but oh well.

It was on my birthday and one of my comps. was sick and she did not want to tell me because she told me later that she thought it would have ruined my birthday, so instead she pretended everything was normal and ate out with us, and went tracting and did everything, when she should have been home sleeping. Well we ended up at a LA's home who had not been to church for 10 years and this was our first time meeting him. When we arrived my comp asked if she could use his bathroom. I was in a three sum at the time so we stepped outside with him and talked while she used the bathroom. In our lesson with him he began to be emotional and started to cry telling us he knew the church was true, at that same moment she walked out of the house white as a ghost and said we had to leave, so we left him sitting there explaining that we'd come back tomorrow. The moment we got in the car she said that she was sick and needed to go home. She said that she went to find his bathroom and was too sick to figure out where it was and opened every door of his house at an attempt to find it. Well she had held out too long and before she knew it the toilet was occupied and she was throwing up in his bathtub. She said she cleaned up as much as she could but didn't think about shutting the doors when she left. We laughed forever about that. So this poor man who we never had met before walks back inside (after being emotionally drained and realizing he needed to make changed in his life), To find every door open in his house, probably thinking he got robbed by these sisters, and come to find a half cleaned bathtub and a full trash can. Lol We felt so bad. We went back the next day and told him the story and fixed it. He did end up coming back to church, so I guess it was what needed to happen. So that is what I think of when I think of your weekend in Idaho.

I can't believe you all ate out after all that. Crazy. Craigos reminds me of Kurt. The parrashooting dentist. Adam is so funny. Thank you dad for the pic. and the video. I'm so excited for Adam. I bet he was excited to be done with school and back home. So where are they going to stay? Did they find a house yet or an apt? Or are they staying in the spare room? I can't believe Skyler is leaving so soon! I'll be just coming home when he goes into the mission field. I'm so proud of Devin! He is a stud! He will never regret going on a mission. Ever. That is awesome to hear. I'm so glad the Coffmans are doing so well. I like them so much! They write me every so often and tell me of all their blessings. Holy cow; there amazing! Did you know Heathers car got totaled? I pray for them often as I pray for all my family!

I can't wait to see all the new things at BYU-I. That will be fun. I was upset that I would never see it finished before I graduated, but God knew what I didn't. I get to experience the new dance rooms! WooHoo! I would go on the fast track when I get home but my major is only on the winter/summer track. I'll have to pray about it, but Thank you for letting me know. Something to think on.

This week has been really good. Not much has changed but I really have tried to look at everything with a grateful heart and I have found when I do so, I'm not only happier but I see God's hand in my life. I know that when I live righteously and follow God's commandments and repent daily, God will fill me with his love and with that love I can do anything; with that love I see people with my rose colored glasses and can't help but want to share this Gospel with everyone I see.

I love you all so much and I'll talk to you next week!

With so much love coming your way!
Love your Sister Missionary~


tandaschroeder said...

It is SUCH a small world! I was googling certain quotes from apostles and prophets, and I came across your blog. My sister served in that mission, and that is how I met my husband! He also served there. Sister Waddoups was also a companion of my sister...Sister Nielsen. What a small world!




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