June 7, 2011

Love of God.... June 6, 2011

It seems that your weeks have been jammed packed with so much spiritual knowledge. How amazing to have an apostle of the Lord there with all of you. It is just so amazing! I love the quotes that you gave me. I have been focusing a lot on love lately. It seems that Christopher has too. It really is the key to all that we do. Without it, we are nothing, and we will do nothing, because we love God we will keep his commandments and we will obey and love others. I have been centered on loving everyone around me and helping them to come to Christ because without judging, I see them and love them as God loves them. It's really does change the outcome. I find myself being a little more patient and understanding than before. And you know me, those are not some my best qualities, but I'm working on them.

I and my comp. were both sick this week so not a whole lot happened but we still have seen the progress of the ward go forward. I don't like being home but we did what we could. Our ward is seeing a lot of changes. New bishopric and all new auxiliaries, totally changed, No one is the same calling. God is prepping the ward for great things. It's amazing to see in how in 16 months what God can do to a ward. I feel that things will start to go up from here on out. I'm excited to be a part of it.

Good luck~ I'm kind of freaking out cause I want to make sure that everything is set before the deadlines and when I come home. Please let me know If you are working on that. I love you so much. Thank you!

I love you!!!! 
Your Sister Pedersen



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