June 20, 2011

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ... June 20, 2011

Hello my beautiful wonderful family!

Happy birthday Shanna and Happy Fathers day daddy! I hope you both got my cards.

I'm sorry that these e-mails are getting shorter and shorter as I'm preparing to not freak out when I come home. I think it's because it's more and more real every time I write the family.

I saw the apartments and I am excited to move there. It will be fun. It looks just like colonial but I'm sure the ward is amazing! I'm excited. I trust the Lord knows what He is doing. And I know he works through you mommy cause I just can't focus enough to get it done out here. I truly believe that all good things start in the home and all eternity starts their too and never ends. Everything I do here on my mission is because I have first learned them in the home. I was thinking, why am I so positive. I wasn't always like this at home, in fact the opposite. (Sorry mom and dad) But it’s because I was taught too look at the bright side and never give up and try with all my heart and leave it up to the Lord. If I have had any success on my mission it is first because Of the Lord and then because of my parents, I just applied the things I have learned. I love my family!!! Sooooooo excited to hug and kiss you! But I am focused in making sure I go out with a bang! I refuse to let up. Five baptisms will happen before I go home. Please pray for me and them. (Kylie, Will, Alia, Colby, Roxanne and Eddie if his parents will let him)

I can't believe Danielle is getting married to someone that old! But I guess dad is right, what is age in eternity. But Italy! Really!!! Talk about perfection! Weird!

Oh So I'm hoping that the guy I have to talk to from BYU is because of school... Right Mom??? I know I can do school. It will be hard but If God wants this to be my major he will help me out. I know it! The week I come home is crazy! Good!! keep me busy so I don’t break down. Busy with family, not dates.. Ok mom and Shanna??? Don’t laugh, it's true and don’t even act like you don’t have anyone in mind either. Just family for a bit. I love you!!!!

Letter to President Barry~

I loved what you said about being obedient. I need to become! I know that I have not been stretching myself as much as I could. I do see a difference in myself and how I work but I know I can be better. Someone said something that I think will probably stick with me for life. a young man who is really struggling in our ward with his family problems and military issues said this, "It would be so easy just to stop and give up, but it is us who chooses to go through the temple and after that, we as latter-day saints don’t have the luxury of giving up, no matter how hard it gets, because we know." It is so true. I do not have the luxury to be disobedient and live below my potential and not give all that I have to give. I know to who I am committed and I cannot give up and I will not give up until my time is called at the very end of not just this mission life but life itself. "I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and when he comes to claim his own, he'll have no problem recognizing me." I love this gospel with all my heart. I have learned that to give my love and my heart I must give it to God first. Then it is he who expands it to fit all.

This week we are working on being positive, I'm working on being on time and together we will help the Lord in bringing his children to baptism. All five of them!

Till next week, Lots of love~

~Sister Pedersen~

I love you all~
Love your forever Sister Pedersen~



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