September 20, 2010

University of Florida!! September 18, 2010

Oh my gosh I have so much to tell you! But I don't have time to tell you everything so I'm just going to attach my president's letter and hope you love it. I now have p-days on Saturdays, well at least for this transfer. I'm now in Gainesville Fl and I'm on campus at the University of Florida in the singles ward with my MTC comp. sister Cutler! (The U of F has a 2000 acre campus and over 50,00 students making it one of the largest universities in the nation) We are with another set of sisters as well; sister Johnson my trainer and sister liku from Tonga. We are the first sister missionaries in the mission and at least in the last 4 years that will be on foot without any car for anything! We have no washer or dryer and we have one bathroom for four girls! Wow, can you say crazy! I'm so excited for this transfer! Also the singles ward has never had all four girls before, ever! So we are the first ones. They haven't seen a baptism in over a year so we are going to change that as well as the LA. We are getting everyone to come back to church and bring their friends. It is so crazy! The package for Dad's b-day is coming this week and there will be more info. Sorry for short letter love you!!!!

Dear President Berry~

I don't know what happened last week but it shows that I didn't write you a letter. I'm sorry if it didn't make it to you but I assure you that I did write one, it just didn't make it there for some reason. I'm really sorry for the confusion.

So far I'm loving it here! It will be a great stretch for me and will push me to what the Lord knows that I can do. I'm excited for the challenge and this great experience to grow. My companion now, Sister Cutler was my MTC companion and it will be very fun to see how we have grown and the different things that we want to change. I'm so excited to serve with her. We will hit our half way point together. I never thought that I would serve with her but I think God is reminding me of the Goals that I set in the MTC and the many things that I wanted to change when I first came out. There are a lot of things that I could have done better in my last companionship's and we talked about a lot of things that we can change during weekly planning yesterday. We have set some great goals and things that will help us change, not merely make it through because this mission is so much more than just passing the time.  I completely agree with memorizing scriptures. It will be something that will not only keep my mind focused on the work but it will help my memorization skills and help me to remember my daily contacts and names and other numerous things. I'm excited for the challenge.

This campus is amazing. Having gone to college myself I am reminded of what it was like and it gives me a new perspective on how much I struggled through trying to find out who I was and what I really wanted out of my life. It helped me so much. I was so blessed to be going to a BYU school in Idaho at the time, so I was constantly surrounded by good influences and people who pushed me to be better, not to mention parents and siblings that were looking out for my best interest.

We went tabling the other day, which was completely a whole new experience in and of itself, but as I stood there and watched the students walk by so caught up in their phones, activities, sororities, and friends, I couldn't help but want to grab each of them and ask them, "do you know? Do you know who you are, and where you come from? Do you understand the love that your Father in heaven has for you? You do understand how much of an important role he plays in your life? You do have time for him, don't push God away." It breaks my heart to talk to so many college students that say, "I just don't have time for that right now." What do you mean you don't have time? It is so hard to see that from my point of view; they can't afford not to have time for him. I know my background is very different. They have yet to discover it, and there will be those that do seek to know, but yet, know not where to find it. And that is when God will put us in their path.

This is a whole new ball game and I have plenty of people to practice on. There will never be a day that we tract all day and can't find anyone to teach because no one will answer their door, for when class get's out, there is over four hundred people at any given time to tract down. I love it! It won't be easy, but anything easy is never worth it.

I have a couple questions about how we are to report our numbers since we report them to you on a Saturday. Do we go from Saturday to Saturday or do we just do Mon.-sat. and then you get all the reports on Sunday from the zone leaders? If that could be clarified that would be great. I'm sure it might be answered by the time district meeting comes around but just in case.

 The zone conference was amazing. Thank you so much. I was truly inspired in the things that I need to change and make better right now. God truly is shaping me through the work and when I'm obedient to it and I forget myself and go to work not only am I so much happier and see many miracles but when looking back at those experiences, I see how I have changed for the better.



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