March 22, 2011

Looking for a miracle... March 21, 2011

Hello Family!!!! Well no e-mails this week. I hope everything is ok. (Chanelle did not receive any of the e-mails we sent, huge bummer.)This week really hasn't had any changes. This is going to be really short. This has been a really hard week and It's not like i'm not use to hard things but this week is a little diffirent. We fasted and prayed a lot this past week and it has helped alot. I have gained such a strong testimony of finding added strength through fasting. I know that it works and that it is just one of the many ways God shows me that he loves me.

I love you family so much and I hope to hear from you soon. Everything is going great here. No need to worry and I promise that I will find a miracle and report back next week. I know they are out there.
I love you all~

Love your forever Sister Missionary~



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